Friday, May 2, 2008

Fish & Win A PSP

If you had been dreaming of owning a PSP all along, here's an easy way to win one. Firstly, click on the Nuffnang ad with this picture or click here

Then, proceed to play the game. The objective is simple, try & get the heaviest total catch in 90 seconds. All you need to do is aim the bait at the fish & once they took it, you yank them out of the water. Repeat till time runs out. Trust me, it's fun ^~^

Once you are done, post your score into the hall of fame. If you are the Top 3 highest scorer of the week, you get a free PSP just like that!

But wait....there's a catch (pun intended : P), you need to be a registered Hong Leong Online user and had to make 2 online bill payments to be eligible. *Dang, just when I thought my 9500g catch would be good enough to win it*

So, quickly register or just enjoy fishing for fun hehe


Marc said...

Have added u. Cheers

joshuaongys said...

no prob =)

joshuaongys said...

lolx the highest i get is 6500 only darn.. i wonder how those peeps get 18000 zzz crazy

BernardC said...

gila one...go fishing at lake oso hard, now u ask me fish on net!!

~YM~ said... highest was 11,100g! :P its very easy when u know the trick..keke..

Johnny Ong said...

hmmmmmm have u been fishing everyday to net those prizes?

acura said...

ym : What's the secret?

johnny ong : It's fun & I have a shot at winning a PSP. That's a win-win situation for me haha

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