Thursday, May 8, 2008

Taking Fashion Tips From MCR

I think My Chemical Romance started to gain more mainstream prominence only after the release of their 3rd album back in 2006. Their trademark look is of course the black skeleton jacket they wore in the video for the song 'Welcome To The Black Parade'

And soon enough, everybody wanted to sport the emo look just like them, you hair, pale face, black mascara, all black clothing & a permanently depressed expression.

And lately, even Asian bands are imitating 'inspired' by their fashion styles. Just look at the Indonesia rock band called Dewa 19 below. They are wearing the exact same jacket! I saw this pic in the newspaper when they came for a concert earlier this year. Really tiru bulat-bulat these guys.

I also noticed Taiwanese rock band, Mayday's front man, Ashin wearing the jacket but in a lighter shade & with T-shirt underneath. Well, a little bit of creativity at least.

Yup, he wore one during their recent concert in Kuala Lumpur too.

Heck, even S.H.E is taking fashion tips from them. Instead of looking all dark & gloomy, they modified it for a more cheerful look. Ella is obviously wearing a jacket 'inspired' by MCR. Selina is also wearing something similar if you look closer. But how come Ella ended up looking like a sad circus performer?

Now, who would have thought MCR would set such fashion trends? I wonder which artist will jump on the band-wagon next
(pun intended ; P)


QuaChee said...

heya, ive done the link xchange :)

BernardC said...

haha...i like the Black Parade...
Anyway,bad trailer doesn't always mean bad movie and visa versa.

For example: Transformer - good movie and good trailer
Hellboy - good trailer but bad movie...wat else, i'm sure u can figure it out

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