Friday, May 30, 2008

Of Propaganda & Buletin Utama

I knew I should have switch off the television after watching the 7pm TVB drama. Instead I went on & watch Buletin Utama on TV3. It's 8pm, it's supposed to be the news but I am not sure I am watching news anymore.

Firstly, they did some reporting of the Bandar Mahkota Cheras (BMC) issue, about residents destroying the barricade. But there isn't any mentioned of the the incident of police beating up an innocent youth who was merely driving through that area. It is as if nothing happen! If not for Malaysiakini, nobody would knew about the incident.

That's police brutality & blatant abuse of power by the authorities!
Aren't such an incident news worthy enough? I felt disgusted. Why are they trying to cover up the incident? So that the police can just beat up any innocent victim & get away with it?

And then they report about the Selangor government free water plan. OK can you tell me is there anything wrong with providing 20 cubic meters of free water every month to the residents of Selangor to help with the increasing cost of living? Because I can't think of any.

Instead of giving them credit, they tried to criticize the plan by getting the views of so called 'experts'. One 'expert' yesterday said that there will be increased water wastage because of it. What utter rubbish! Are you saying that we should increased the water tariffs to curb wastage then? Stupid!

Why don't they go interview the poor people of Selangor who will benefit positively under the plan huh?

Those were not news, those were all PROPAGANDA!! It's so frustrating seeing how low they will go to discredit their opponents. That's why I am relying on blogs & online news portal for the real news.


~YM~ said... get even more desperate..alamak..u commented while I'm typing this message.. memang like that lately, the propaganda gets worse day by day.. vote for opposition!! :P

Your Humble Servant said...

This is just so lame... just don't want TV3 anymore la... even RTM news is better than their news now... pffft....

Josh said...

Remember one thing. Government think they are always right. But sadly thats not the case.

Johnny Ong said...

its pure govt propaganda on the water issue. the federal govt under bn is just playing with fire

BernardC said...

RTM, TV3, Ntv7, 8tv, Tv9, Bernama, NST, Utusan Malaysia, The Star = rubbish news from gov to talk crap and nothing but rubbish. Even PKR ppl rejoining Umno also so sensation. How sensation that can be??

acura said...

ym : if they call for a snap election I will know who to vote for

your humble servant : i think RTM also another station that spreads gov propaganda. They are all the same

josh : They are delusional la

johnny ong : even give free water also kena flame. Sigh....

bernardc : agree, y so much airtime for the PKR ppl rejoining UMNO? some more held glitzy press conference to announce it! *shakes head*

BernardC said...

yeah, u read the star on sunday?
Wow, the fed gov considered to give more benefits to sabah. I mean, HELLO, ONLY NOW?

And the cartoon was funny. Hahaha...

Good idea, since Sabah and Sarawak helps BN to avoid defeat. If not, u BN ppl oledi doom in hell!! WTF!!

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