Sunday, May 25, 2008

Penang Day 2

We went temple hopping on the 2nd day of our Penang trip. Our 1st stop is the Chinese temple of Kek Lok Si, a famous landmark of the island. We went there by taking the Rapid Penang bus, which is a more reliable than their KL counterpart. On the way, it passed through the Rifle Range flats, one of the major political hot spots prior to the general election.

We reach there just in time for lunch, but the famous asam laksa stall outside the wet market was closed so we had to settled for the one inside the food court instead. Still, it's way better than what we had back here. After our meal, we had a long climb up towards the temple using the stuffy covered walkway.

There are a lot of new additions to the original temple that I visited many many years ago. One of them was the inclined lift that we took to go to see the bronze Kuan Yin statue. They are currently building a giant umbrella to shield it from the elements hence all the scaffoldings.

Definitely not as scary as it look

The statue behind 'bars'

Later on we visited the Burmese temple at Jalan Burma. I make a small contribution to the victims of the cyclone there. Although not much, I hope it can help the victims & won't end up fattening the pockets of the military generals.

Tiger? Lion? Dragon?


And situated directly opposite the Burmese temple is the Thai Buddhist temple with a huge reclining Buddha. Once inside, you can get your fortune read using this machine. No need to do it manually anymore ^~^

Once dinner approaches, it is makan time again, this time we went to the popular Gurney Drive which is within walking distance from our hotel. With so much good food surrounding us, we easily succumb to the 'dark' side.

We went berserk & ordered ikan bakar, char koay teow, oyster omelet, wantan mee, fried chicken skin, ais kacang & fried lala. Suffice to say, our table drew more than a few stares from the locals hehe

We had a light dinner

The very sinful fried chicken skin

Will post about our visit to the toy museum next.....*wipes drool*


hui_ping said...

hi!! i have put ur link up :).
tell me if u want me to put other name than the one that i put k :)

Johnny Ong said...

def not a tiger, lion or dragon but looks more like a loch ness monster

iZack.Chin said...

woo. i miss penang food...
chicken skin... so nice..
and penang laksa is my favourite.

Falcon said...


acura said...

johnny ong : lol some new hybrid monster i guess

izack.chin : i miss it too. just have to make do with all those pirated food stalls claiming to be 'authentic penang' food in KL

falcon : ooops...i forgot to include photos of the main course & deserts hehe

QuaChee said...

penang is always so charming :) and the temple - cool!

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