Sunday, June 29, 2008


A report against Anwar has been filed by his aide alleging him of sodomy. Read the news here. I find this piece of news very disturbing. Because this is not the first time he has been accused of it, they used the same tactic 10 years ago to sacked him & throw him into jail.

He was of course cleared of the charge in 2004. Pronounced an innocent man. But in light of the new report made against him, police are expected to make an arrest soon.

I certainly hope not or a second wave of Reformasi will be triggered. This time the rakyat will not be as forgiving...

After all this is the man who led Pakatan Rakyat to victory in 5 states. The man who said he had enough MPs to form a new government. And also the same man some quarters proclaimed to be the PM in waiting.

So is this a ploy to destroy his credibility? Another
political conspiracy to silence him just like 10 years ago?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Orientation Survival Guide

Results of the local university entrance are out! Congratulations to the fortunate ones who manage to secure a place. That's the easy part & now comes the hard part - the dreaded Minggu Orientasi (or whatever fancy name they decide to call it)

This 1st week of uni life is not going to be easy, as you are being thrust into an alien environment, trying to adapt while being subjected to a punishing schedule.

Here are a few steps to make it all more bearable....

On the 1st day of orientation, it's important to arrive early & settle all the paperwork so that you can get the keys to your room. It's good to be mentally prepared before heading to your room though. Remember, you are not in your 'Home Sweet Home' territory anymore.

During my 1st day of orientation, I was shocked by the condition of my room, it's dirty, the furnitures are old & broken, the mattress is yellowish with brown stains, walls with graffiti...seriously, I had seen better prison cells!

Your room probably won't be as bad but it is still going to be messy & dirty. So, start cleaning up as soon as possible (that's when your family members will come in handy ^~^) because activities will begin in the afternoon. There isn't much time to spare really.

My room after extensive 'renovations'...those brown papers are to cover up the graffiti

The Tight Schedule
The whole week would be packed full of activities from early morning till past midnight. You won't be getting your 8 hours of beauty sleep during these 7 days for sure. A typical day will begin at 5am for the ceramah moral, continuing with various talks ending only around 1 or 2am.

The little breaks in between are usually for meals & if lucky, a quick bath. Lack of sleep is normal, heck I even stayed up to watch the World Cup final during my year. Of course, most will probably make up for their lost of sleep by taking a nap during those long boring talks. I used to do it too, that's why I did not remember much about the speeches delivered during my own orientation week hehe

Meals will be provided free of charge throughout the week. You will get about 5 to 6 meals a day but most of it will be spicy. Being tired both mentally & physically, you really won't have the appetite to gulp down all those stuff. But still you need them for energy. Drinking plenty of fluids is a must too. Sore throat is common due to eating all those curries & fried food so consult the PBSM guys for medication.

This guy doesn't seem to be bothered by the food though

Most of the activities required you to be in formal wear. Here in UKM, the guys are suppose to be wearing white shirts, black pants & gals blue baju kurung. Check your own university guidelines for confirmation & bring at least 2 sets of them.

Being in your formal clothes while rushing from one venue to another would not be pleasant. And with such a tight schedule, there is no time to wash your clothes. Even if you manage to do your laundry, it won't have time to dry. So, you will probably end up wearing the same
smelly shirt for a few days (don't laugh) & 2 sets are the bare minimum to last you throughout the week.

My formal wear...hung & ready to be recycled for next day use ^~^

You will do lots of walking during orientation so it's important to have comfortable shoes. Guys are usually fine with their leather shoes. It's the gals with heels that are going to suffer with cuts & blisters. Keep your killer heels at home & go with a more comfortable alternative. Also, bring a pair of sneakers for sports & other less formal events.

Most important of all is to have a positive attitude, after all you did manage to get into a uni right? Grumbling & whining won't do you much good...and although not exactly a pleasant experience, the orientation will be one of the things you remember from your university days (Damn! I sound so old)

Oh, to those entering UKM. Welcome to the #289 university in the world!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Copycat Blogging

Reading Simon's post about the copycat blogger makes me wonder how some people can resort to such things just to gain traffic. I am sure many of us had came across another kind of copycat blogger as well.

The kind that copy & paste an entire news article & pass it off as their own blog entry. Of course, a lot of bloggers post their views about issues highlighted in the media. That's fine...but what I am referring to are those who lift the entire article from an online news portal but are too lazy to offer their own opinion on it. No comments, no original input whatsoever from the blogger.

Basically, we are just reading the news article in HIS / HER blog! If no personal views are offered on that matter, then I do not think there is a difference reading a blog or reading it straight from The Star online or NST online. Isn't this a form of online plagiarism too?

But the thing is many (including myself) of us are attracted to the
sex related interesting blog titles, only to find a cold emotionless news article on the other end, sometimes the same article we read in the morning papers. And those posts are pretty high up in Innit too...really discouraging to other more honest bloggers like....*cough*myself*cough*

Friday, June 20, 2008


Our Malaysian PM, Pak Lah wants to know how good our police force is when compared to the best in the world. So he invites the CIA as well as the FBI to Malaysia for a test. He releases a rabbit into the Taman Negara forest & each of them has to catch it.

The CIA went in first...They place animal informants throughout the the forest. They question all the plants & trees for information. After 3 months of extensive investigations, they conclude that the rabbit has slip through the border & fled to Thailand.

The FBI goes in next...After 2 weeks, they have no leads so they burn the whole forest down, killing everything including the rabbit. The rabbit had it coming & as far as they are concerned...job's done.

Finally, our PDRM goes in...They come out 2 hours later with a badly beaten bear with a swollen left eye. The bear is yelling : "Okay! Okay! I'm a rabbit! I'm a rabbit!"

Taken & modified from Accountants Today

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I Miss England

With the 2nd round of matches just completed, Euro 2008 has proven to be an enjoyable ride so far. Nice attacking football, great atmosphere in the stadiums, lots of great goals, Greece got far so good, eh?

But somehow, I felt there is something lacking, I hate to admit it but......I think I miss England. I am not a fan of them, no never! Yet I must admit that the English media as well as their supporters adds color to any tournament.

I miss how the English press always exaggerate their chances of winning a tournament even though they haven't exactly won anything in recent memory.

I miss how the ridiculously optimistic English supporters always believe the hype generated by the media, full of praise even though they played like headless chickens.

I miss how the mamak stall near my place will be so full of England fans even though watching them play is like hearing Posh Spice sing, pure torture.

I miss reading about the amount of money spent by the WAGS during their latest shopping spree.

I miss how the English team is always blessed with the 'World's Best Centre Back : Terry', 'World's Best Midfielder : Lampard/Gerrard', 'World's Best Striker : Rooney', 'World's Best Left Back : Ashley Cole', 'World's Best Freekick Taker : Beckham' ...they have the world's best in every position! Yet Russia & Croatia managed to qualify ahead of them ^~^

I miss seeing how they got knock out by another penalty shoot-out.

Finally, I will miss the silly excuses they use to comfort themselves when they got kicked out of a tournament & the hunt for a scapegoat to take the blame.

Yeah, I miss England. Euro 2008 certainly feels a little bit empty without you guys hehe

To those England fans out there, please do not be upset. There is still the World Cup in 2010 & England had a good chance of winning it.....if they managed to qualify that is *wink*

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

Do not be fool by the cute cartoon characters from the posters, Kung Fu Panda is actually one heck of a martial arts movie! Yes, the guys at Dreamworks managed to turn a cartoon into an authentic kung fu movie. One that pays tribute to past kung fu movies & spoofs them at the same time.

The movie itself is full of cliches & follows the old school storyline seen from
countless past kung fu movies.

First of course, we need to have an unlikely hero - which happens to be a clumsy panda named Po in the movie. An obese noodle shop helper passionate about kung fu.

Then, there will be the old & wise master to guide our hero to ass kicking greatness. Master Shifu is the one with the unenviable task here. He may be small in size but big in power, much like an ancient Chinese version of Yoda.

There is also an even older & wiser master called Master Oogway. He is the philosophical one who speaks in Zen-like one liners, you know stuff like 'there are no accidents' & 'yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift that's why it is called present'.

Master Oogway mumbling something to Master Shifu

And both lived in a temple high up the mountain with a long flight of stairs. All great kung fu masters lived in monasteries up in the clouds. It's compulsory!

In order to become a true kung fu master, our hero Po had to undergo all kinds of torturous training ala Jackie Chan.

Okay what other cliche can they fit into the movie next? Oh...of course you need to have the manual that suppose to contain the ultimate kung fu moves! The manual meant for the 'Special One' (No, not Mourinho!)

Po with the Dragon Scroll striking a Wong Fei Hung pose & screaming like Bruce Lee

Also, you can't have a kung fu movie without a super bad villain for a final showdown with our hero. The villain is Tai Lung who happens to be a former student of Master Shifu himself. Sounds familiar doesn't it?

Finally, it's time for the final showdown between the forces of cute & evil. No guessing who wins here haha It's after all a kiddie movie & there are some moral values thrown in for good measure. But it's also one that manage to appeal to the kung fu geek in us too.

So, like all great kung fu movies such as Drunken Master, Fong Sai Yuk, Once Upon A Time In China etc, this one seriously need a sequel. I can hardly wait.....^~^

Friday, June 6, 2008

Thanks For The Hike

Firstly, I would like to thank Pak Lah & the BN government for the news that with immediate effect the prices of petrol will increase to RM2.70. SYABAS!!

With one smart move, we solve so many problems.

Finally, we can solve the traffic jams in the city because people will be using our very efficient public transport to commute now. It's always the poor people with their Kancils & Savvys that are clogging our roads. So now by hiking the price of fuel those peasants won't be able to afford to drive them anymore hahaha

There has been a lot of cases of people getting rob by Mat Rempits at petrol station too you know. By raising the fuel price, the government is actually making the petrol station a safer & more secure place. Nobody can afford to even pump petrol nowadays hahaha So take that you stupid Mat Rempits! I bet you never saw that coming, don't you?!

Huh? What do you mean crime rate is going to rise instead because people are finding it hard to make ends meet? That's not true! I dunno, I haven't seen the report on this.

The government also keep telling us that the subsidy is burdensome for a very long time, so it's time we remove it. Oil prices are rising worldwide you know. Like today I read in the newspaper that India is raising their fuel prices too. We need to follow suit cause it is a worldwide phenomena. Never mind the fact that India imports 70% of their fuel while we are a net exporter of oil lah.

Who cares if Petronas is enjoying record high profits due to the rising price of oil per barrel. Our petrol price is still the CHEAPER than Thailand & Singapore.

Oh, just don't look at the table below...

Although we are an oil exporter & we get crazy profits, why should we use those money to subsidize fuel to help the rakyat? Isn't it wiser to invest those billions for the future, for our anak cucu like what our 2nd Finance Minister told us here.

We are talking about billions here okay. With the available funds, we can finally send another heroic Malaysian up into space to continue our ground breaking research at the ISS - how to tarik teh in zero gravity. Or we can use it to buy more submarines, more Sukhois.

We are sacrificing for our future generations here, how noble.

Also, those Singaporeans & Thais are sucking us dry. They came here & pump their cars full of our subsidized petrol. Since we can't think of an effective way to stop it, we might as well raise the fuel price to almost the same as in their country haha Serve them right! Now pump lah pump lah! You won't get to enjoy OUR subsidies anymore ROTLMAO

TAHNIAH again! *clap clap clap*

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

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Kid’s Question #1
If you were the ruler of the world and you could have anything you wanted as well as have people do anything you wanted, do you think you would get greedy and mean or would you be a good and fair ruler?

My Answer:

I will definitely be a good and fair ruler. Since I am so good, I will built bronze statues of myself
all over the place so that my subjects can worship me. Those who think I am not good or fair will be thrown into prison muahaha & I am going to send troops to Mars because I heard that there's oil there. Besides, I do need a place to dump all my prisoners, don't I?

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Name: acura
Birthday: 10th October
Calculation: 1+0=1 *sob*

My Wish List:

1. A set of rims for my car

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