Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back Up & Running

Hello world,

I has been a long time since I last blogged. Holy cow, my last post was dated more than a year ago. That was way back during my internship period in Miri before I seemingly just vanished. I have an explanation of course, I always do.

While undergoing my internship, I was completely consumed by work. I was giving my all to the company, leaving little time to blog properly. Being a perfectionist, I could not let myself churn out inferior blog posts (some people call that laziness but I beg to differ).

After finishing my industrial attachment, I transfered my single minded focus towards my final year studies & thesis. Sometimes, spending hours couped up inside the lab conducting experiments. By then, I had practically abandoned my blog & went into self-imposed exile.

Okay, there might be slight exaggeration on what actual happened but that's the way I would like to remember it.

But after staying away for so long, I had this sudden urge to revive 'Signs of Life'. My fingers are getting itchy. My girlfriend active blogging might have something to do with it as well (visit her blog here).

So, I hereby officially declared my blog to be up & running again. For now ;)

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