Saturday, July 19, 2008

Batman Vs Joker

The Dark Knight may be the most anticipated film so far this year, with so much hype surrounding even before its released. Personally, my expectations are high after watching the impressive trailer and I am glad it manages to live up to it. This is one heck of a movie.

This might be a superhero movie but the star is very much the villain of the film...the Joker played by the late Heath Ledger. This guy is a psycho. He enjoys killing people, blowing things up, creating chaos & the most disturbing part is he is not doing it for money. He just simply enjoys it.

And he never leaves home without make up. Even under heavy make up, that guy is fugly! I do not know about you but I think he is still erm, somewhat a wicked kind of way.

Serious! Try looking closely.

Yet for all his brutality, you must admired him for being such a brilliant mastermind. An evil genius. He did everything with such glee & his lines are so funny, you can't help but to laugh along. I really can't get enough of him.

There is already talk of him getting an Oscar nomination for this. That surely will be a fitting tribute to Heath Ledger. So tell me, which number do I sms to vote for him?

Oh, I almost forgot about Batman. He is of course back to fight crime in Gotham & even Hong Kong too. But he has got more problems to deal with this time around with the Joker really messing up his mind.

Joker is not the only villain in the film though. We got a glimpse of who Batman will be facing in the future but I am not going to spoil it here. Just a hint, he loves flipping coins ^~^

One more thing, with the oil price reaching USD 130 per barrel, even Batman is forced to change his lifestyle. He now rides a bike to work.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fourth Floor Boys

A new semester begins bringing an end to my two months of parasitic existence. So going back to studying will be quite a transition, I will need to adapt from lazing around all day at home to lazing around all day in the campus. Tough stuff...

But the thing I dread most is moving back all my stuff into my residential college & the big clean up after it. And to make matters worse, I was assigned a room on the 4th floor!

Fortunately, the rooms are still in good condition, since they renovated them just last year. I also get some 'souvenirs' from the previous occupant of the room, 4 packets of Gudang Garam inside the drawer.

Also, living on the highest floor is certainly excuse for me to ponteng more classes erm,...exercise. Well, at least it will be cooler and the view is great too. Definitely a sight for sore eyes...I mean the greeneries not the girl's block behind it. Serious.

It seems that every time I move back in, the number of cats multiplied. They are everywhere now. I think it won't be long before their population outnumber the student's population.

Moving back in also mean having to take shower with icy cold water. Luckily, I have this box full of snacks from my gf to help comfort me hehe (no wonder they say I am putting on weight)

I am also glad to have this Happy sticker on my door to remind me to relax ^~^

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