Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We Are Going To Moscow!

I had been anticipating this match since the very disappointing 1st leg. The display at Nou Camp, that's not Man Utd! Sir Alex had some very strange ideas for that match & let Barca run rings around them. The statistic speaks for itself, we only get 35% of possession.

I was all fire up for the 2nd leg, I don my jersey & head over to my friend's house early. I am not superstitious but every United game I watched there ends with a win ^~^

Arriving early, I was able to catch Shebby's prediction. He predicted a score draw & for Barca to advance. Well, I expected that, he is anti-Man Utd and always wrong in his prediction anyway. And today, he was wrong again haha

The match started very lively & I was praying for an early goal. And minutes later, my prayers were answered when Scholes scored from outside the penalty box. We were ecstatic! That was a goal enough to win any match.

But I did not felt any relieve at all, I think no one did. Barca was always on the attack. They were playing nice football but I did not enjoyed it. In fact their only strategy seem to be passing the ball to Messi. He was of course brilliant, I had to admit. He seem to be able to beat the Man Utd defenders at will.

No wonder people hail him as the best, he was constantly dangerous. Ronaldo was overshadowed in comparison. But I think he did ok, in fact he play the ball to his team mates more instead of keeping it all. I kinda like the new Ronaldo.

Going into halftime with a one goal lead was nerve-wrecking. And throughout the 2nd half, it was almost too scary too watch. Rijkaard was throwing all his strikers into the game. Henry, Bojan even Gudjohnsen!

Man Utd allowed them too much space, we were simply not physical enough. Should have closed down the players more. Yet they can't seem to score. They are like the Spanish version of Arsenal. Playing good football but unable to score when it matter.

In the end, the one goal lead was enough to bring us to the final, to Moscow.
After failing to play in the 1999 final, Scholes booked a place for himself in Moscow with that strike.Fergie's strange strategy work somehow, fortunately....

Now, bring on Chelsea or Liverpool!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Google Googled Me

I has been a while since I last updated my blog due very much to my final exams. But busy as I may, I always try to keep an eye on my (low) traffic volume. And with Sitemeter, I can get some pretty detailed info of the few visitors that bothered.

While going through the list one day, I was surprised to find this

A visit by from their headquarters in Mountain View! Now I do not know how that happened but I do have a message for them.

Hey, people of Google, if you are reading this & are somehow looking for a mechanical engineer. HIRE ME!! I will be available in 2 years time

I am sure I will be able to fit in at Googleplex just fine. After all, they are known to pamper their employees like....

Providing free food whole day long so you can stuff yourself silly whenever you feel like it. And it's not just free nasi lemak or bihun goreng. Employees have 11 gourmet cafeterias to choose from plus snack rooms stocked full of candy, nuts, cereals, sodas etc etc.

They provide free shuttle bus services to fetch you to work. And if you insist on driving, you can still enjoy the free car wash & oil change. Did I mentioned all those were FREE?

Also, free haircuts

You can even do your laundry, have a massage, or attend language classes at work. Yup, detergents are provided free of charge.

In Google, working out at the office doesn't mean doing light stretching in your puny cubicle because they have an entire Bukit Jalil there.

You can swim

Or play some pool

Or do some real workouts

Or if you fancy something more extreme, rock climbing

And of course, play beach volleyball too

With so much distractions, I wonder how any 'real' work gets done. But I guess I can lived with that ^~^

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jet Li vs Jackie Chan

Many of us grew up with a steady diet of kungfu flicks, watching Jackie Chan & Jet Li kicking butts to save the world. And after all these years, we can finally see both of them square off in Forbidden Kingdom!! Jet Li vs Jackie Chan - the stuff of every kungfu boy's wet dreams.

But wait...why are my spider sense tingling? Maybe it's because they are both in a Hollywood production & they tend to screw up things we Asians like.

Just look at the plot, it's about an American teenager obsessed with martial arts cinema, is magically transported to ancient China where he meets three Chinese heroes who help him on his quest to free the Monkey King. Wow...I don't think you can get any cheesier than that!

Look at the trailer too, it's all about the American kid, little of Jet or Jackie wtf

Of course la, back here the trailer look something like this, with lots of action

But Jackie Chan & Jet Li in one movie is pretty hard to resist. So, anybody planning to watch it?

New Look!!

I finally managed to change the look of my blog from this boring looking Blogger template previously.

To what you are looking at now. Nice huh? *pat self*

Friday, April 11, 2008

I Earn Something With Nuffnang

I am new to Nuffnang, having join it less than a month ago, mostly out of curiosity. I never really expect to earn anything by blogging. I blog mostly to amuse myself hehe

But a few days ago, when I open my Nuffnang account, I was really surprised to find
that I actually earn something!

Erm...RM0.25 to be exact

Hmm...I do not know what I should make of this. Is this suppose to be encouraging? I am not exactly jumping up & down with joy though. Maybe it's a bit sad even, my earnings reflecting the traffic I am getting.

But as if that was not enough, even Nuffnang is taunting me

49.75 before you get paid. I guess I still had a long way to go then....

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Remember Futurama?

Remember Futurama? The sci-fi cartoon featuring a 20th century delivery boy, a wise cracking robot plus a female alien set in the year 3000?

I remembered watching it religiously back in secondary school on TV3, but to my utter dismay, it was discontinued after a few seasons. Luckily for me, I managed to obtained all 5 seasons of it from my roomie recently & had been watching it all over again, missing classes & neglecting homework in the process *evil laugh*

Since it was created by the erm, creators of The Simpsons, the show is filled with references to pop culture, parodies & spoofs that will make you laugh your pants off.

The series begins when a pizza delivery boy, Fry was accidentally frozen & transported 1000 years into the future. There, he met Bender, a foul-mouthed, pessimistic, beer drinking robot & Leela, a one-eyed female alien. The three were later hired by Planet Express, an interplanetary delivery company & hilarity ensues as we followed their (mis)adventures.

In the year 3000 depicted in the show, humans coexist with robots and aliens from planets with funny names such as Amphibios 9, My Three Suns, Virgon 6 etc. There has been a huge advancement in technology & robots can be found doing all sorts of jobs (Bender was originally built to bend girders) Just like humans, you have male & female robots, even transsexuals!!

The characters live in New New York city, a city build over the ruins of Old New York city. Only two languages were left in the universe, English & Alien (French were long dead). People traveled using transportation tubes. And more amusingly, they have something called suicide booths, a place where you can end your life for just 25 cents (Hmm....whatever happen to good old wrist cutting?)

Yet, something never changes, the main source of entertainment is still television. The most popular star being the robot actor, Calculon. Internet still exists but it is very slow & largely made up of porn, pop-up adds & filthy chat rooms (not a far departure from its present state huh?)

The most funniest part of the show has to be the dialogs. The show is filled with witty one liners & clever quotes that comes in handy when you want to insult your friends.

Here are some of the classics :
'Bite my shiny metal ass'
'Oh wait, you're serious. Let me laugh even harder'
'Would you kindly shut your noise-hole'
'People say I am dumb, but I proved them'
'Hey, let's go car shopping! My parents said that if I got all B's they'd buy me a bar. And I got all C's!'
'But existing is basically what I do'
'I hate the people that love me and they hate me'

Now, excuse me while I go & finish the remainder of the series : )

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