Sunday, April 27, 2008

Google Googled Me

I has been a while since I last updated my blog due very much to my final exams. But busy as I may, I always try to keep an eye on my (low) traffic volume. And with Sitemeter, I can get some pretty detailed info of the few visitors that bothered.

While going through the list one day, I was surprised to find this

A visit by from their headquarters in Mountain View! Now I do not know how that happened but I do have a message for them.

Hey, people of Google, if you are reading this & are somehow looking for a mechanical engineer. HIRE ME!! I will be available in 2 years time

I am sure I will be able to fit in at Googleplex just fine. After all, they are known to pamper their employees like....

Providing free food whole day long so you can stuff yourself silly whenever you feel like it. And it's not just free nasi lemak or bihun goreng. Employees have 11 gourmet cafeterias to choose from plus snack rooms stocked full of candy, nuts, cereals, sodas etc etc.

They provide free shuttle bus services to fetch you to work. And if you insist on driving, you can still enjoy the free car wash & oil change. Did I mentioned all those were FREE?

Also, free haircuts

You can even do your laundry, have a massage, or attend language classes at work. Yup, detergents are provided free of charge.

In Google, working out at the office doesn't mean doing light stretching in your puny cubicle because they have an entire Bukit Jalil there.

You can swim

Or play some pool

Or do some real workouts

Or if you fancy something more extreme, rock climbing

And of course, play beach volleyball too

With so much distractions, I wonder how any 'real' work gets done. But I guess I can lived with that ^~^


Johnny Ong said...

digi's office in subang is equally good too but not as luxury as google's office of course

~YM~ said...

haha..ask them set up a google office in malaysia la.. then u be the head. X'D

btw, google ppl sure got work hazard one.. like finger pain due to mouse clicking or keyboard typing, perhaps electrostatic too high, health problems also.

I dun mind working there as a doc after i graduate. X'D Hav to wait for me for 8 years la though..keke.. unless u can buy me from gov, on wait 3 years.. n_n said...

Wow! Google read you! :D

Should be proud of that! (:

Scud said...

I think you we're dreaming too much dude?
Google [googlebot/ google's robot] will visit each of our site regularly.
It's a normal thing to rate and rank your site.

Anyway keep your good work up!
I love engineering too..

acura said...

Johnny ong : I guess Digi is the only alternative for us in Malaysia then

YM : I think i would be able to handle the hazards haha

Did your contract have a buy-out clause?

Scud : Yup, I guess that explains it. You are an engineering student too? Nice to meet you ^~^

QuaChee said...

wow, they really pamper the employees. cool!

NSMF said...

I've seen on tv....most workers in the games developers company have curtain under their desk.

that's because they slept there.yes, under their desk. I've saw the pillow + blanket + the surprised sleeping man when the curtain opened by the host.

Datelines, bugs, etc caused that i think...

I think it's the same to the Google employees...hehe...

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