Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We Are Going To Moscow!

I had been anticipating this match since the very disappointing 1st leg. The display at Nou Camp, that's not Man Utd! Sir Alex had some very strange ideas for that match & let Barca run rings around them. The statistic speaks for itself, we only get 35% of possession.

I was all fire up for the 2nd leg, I don my jersey & head over to my friend's house early. I am not superstitious but every United game I watched there ends with a win ^~^

Arriving early, I was able to catch Shebby's prediction. He predicted a score draw & for Barca to advance. Well, I expected that, he is anti-Man Utd and always wrong in his prediction anyway. And today, he was wrong again haha

The match started very lively & I was praying for an early goal. And minutes later, my prayers were answered when Scholes scored from outside the penalty box. We were ecstatic! That was a goal enough to win any match.

But I did not felt any relieve at all, I think no one did. Barca was always on the attack. They were playing nice football but I did not enjoyed it. In fact their only strategy seem to be passing the ball to Messi. He was of course brilliant, I had to admit. He seem to be able to beat the Man Utd defenders at will.

No wonder people hail him as the best, he was constantly dangerous. Ronaldo was overshadowed in comparison. But I think he did ok, in fact he play the ball to his team mates more instead of keeping it all. I kinda like the new Ronaldo.

Going into halftime with a one goal lead was nerve-wrecking. And throughout the 2nd half, it was almost too scary too watch. Rijkaard was throwing all his strikers into the game. Henry, Bojan even Gudjohnsen!

Man Utd allowed them too much space, we were simply not physical enough. Should have closed down the players more. Yet they can't seem to score. They are like the Spanish version of Arsenal. Playing good football but unable to score when it matter.

In the end, the one goal lead was enough to bring us to the final, to Moscow.
After failing to play in the 1999 final, Scholes booked a place for himself in Moscow with that strike.Fergie's strange strategy work somehow, fortunately....

Now, bring on Chelsea or Liverpool!


Aaron Tan said...

lol... tell you what.. i wanted to fck shebby also! he really is anti man utd..

~YM~ said... nt fan of either one, but I'll support Man U for this! Liverpool can say bye bye, and I hate Avram Grant..hehe..

sigh, too bad Inter Milan din masuk, sienz.. mayb next yr better luck with Jose Mourinho being the coach. X'D

joshuaongys said...

yay!! lolx yest i was too tired to watch the match... was so happy this morning when i know the results haha

acura said...

aaron tan : if you bet against shebby's prediction everytime i think sure rich haha

ym : Yeah, must teach that arrogant grant a lesson! Inter is my fave team in the Serie A because of the large amount of Argentinian players they had. But they seem to flop in Europe alot.

joshuaongys : Make sure you watch the final then haha

BernardC said...

I thought ur Arsenal fans not meh??

acura said...

bernardc : Never an Arsenal fan, I was a Red Devil all along. GLORY GLORY MAN UTD!!

BernardC said...

oh great!! It's Moscow time. Time to revenge for Chelsea. They always got penalty in the crucial time. Even at semis against Liverpool.

jam said...

I agree with you that Barca is the Spanish version of Arsenal. That's why they are tropyless again this season.

acura said...

jam : I enjoyed seeing them play (Arsenal & Barca) but if you can't score or can't defend a lead then you will always be entertainers not champions.

Johnny Ong said...

been supporting man u since 1982 (those were the droughtful years) except for the fa cups

lankapo said...


believe me, this time Chelsea will win in Moscow.

acura said...

lankapo : I am with Man Utd all the way. History is on our side too, we never lost a Champions League final before. So I am keeping my fingers crossed...

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