Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Pic in The Star

My picture was featured in The Star last week, but due to my current period of intense studying I do not have much time to blog about it.

To be more precise, my picture was featured in Thumbnails on the 20th October. It won 1st prize, which means I am RM 100 richer! And to save you the trouble of scavenging back your old newspaper, which you probably won't, I have conveniently provide you with a link to the picture here.

On second thought, I might as well post the picture in my blog. So here is my winning masterpiece...

Boxed In : Can anyone help him? This man is wondering
how will he be able to manoeuvre his car.

The caption above isn't my own though, The Star probably thinks that mine wasn't good enough for national consumption, so they made one up themselves.

The shot was taken at a parking lot directly opposite Wisma MCA. I was waiting for my gf there, feeling bored I took out my phone & starts to fiddle with the camera. Since I am not a cam whore & cam whoring in front of Jalan Ampang can be quite embarrassing, I took some pics of the surroundings instead.

The parking lot is really crowded with cars blocking each other's way. At first, I took some pics of the chaotic situation. And then this poor guy came along....

He was trying to remove his car but it was blocked by another vehicle in front. That guy look lost, trapped in a sea of cars.

In fact, he was trying to get the attention of the parking attendant, who took quite some time before removing the blocking car. And more than enough for me to capture it using my cutting edge 2 megapixel camera ^~^

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Donnie Yen Kicks Ass

Good kung fu movies are hard to come by these days.

Jet Li had stop making them, Jackie Chan isn't exactly in his prime anymore while Sammo Hung is contented with working behind the scenes. Things are certainly not looking good for kung fu cinema.

Thank God we still have Donnie Yen!

Okay, forget about Painted Skin where he was used to provide comic relief rather than kicking ass & cracking heads. While you are at it, erase your memories of Dragon Tiger Gate too which felt like a super long shampoo & Nokia commercial.

Donnie Yen returns to form in his new movie, Ip Man. Ip Man is famously known as Bruce Lee's sifu & a master of Wing Chun.

The trailer is out & looks darn impressive. This is what Donnie Yen does best....kicking ass & cracking heads. Watch out for scene where he fired rapid punches like a machine to the chest of his opponent. Poor guy

Watching it makes me want to download the movie as soon as it was available watch it in the cinema come December 18th

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Eagle Feeding in Langkawi

The beautiful island of Langkawi got its name from the combination of 'lang' & 'kawi'. 'Lang' from the Malay word helang meaning eagle & 'kawi' from Sanskrit meaning marble.

We got a not so subtle reminder of the origin of Langkawi as soon as we
arrived at the jetty. Beside the jetty stood a gigantic eagle looking out towards the sea, ready to take flight.

Aside from the monument, we did not see any real eagles as we went round the island in our rent Proton Saga.

We even took a cable car ride up Gunung Mat Cincang but at 710 meters above sea level those eagles are still nowhere to be seen! How odd.

That is until we took an island hopping tour. One of the highlights of the tour was eagle feeding. For that we need to take a bumpy speedboat ride to the nearby island of Pulau Singa Besar.

However before we set off, I am keeping my expectations real low.

I was expecting eagle feeding to be like a wait & see kind of thing. Throw some meat into the water & wait patiently for some eagles to swoop down on it. If it's your lucky day maybe you will see a few.

As we approached the island, the operator switched off the engine & let us drift slowly to the feeding location. And I quickly realised it was not like what I had imagined.

There were easily over a hundred reddish brown eagles swirling in the sky above us. It was quite a sight.

Then, the operator took out some chicken skin & threw it into the sea. The eagles need no invitation as we watched them swoop down majestically for their food.

Two other boats carrying tourist are doing the same thing too. The eagles over there are so spoiled. No need to hunt for food ^~^

And at last, I found the elusive eagles of Langkawi.

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