Saturday, October 11, 2008

Donnie Yen Kicks Ass

Good kung fu movies are hard to come by these days.

Jet Li had stop making them, Jackie Chan isn't exactly in his prime anymore while Sammo Hung is contented with working behind the scenes. Things are certainly not looking good for kung fu cinema.

Thank God we still have Donnie Yen!

Okay, forget about Painted Skin where he was used to provide comic relief rather than kicking ass & cracking heads. While you are at it, erase your memories of Dragon Tiger Gate too which felt like a super long shampoo & Nokia commercial.

Donnie Yen returns to form in his new movie, Ip Man. Ip Man is famously known as Bruce Lee's sifu & a master of Wing Chun.

The trailer is out & looks darn impressive. This is what Donnie Yen does best....kicking ass & cracking heads. Watch out for scene where he fired rapid punches like a machine to the chest of his opponent. Poor guy

Watching it makes me want to download the movie as soon as it was available watch it in the cinema come December 18th


foongpc said...

Yes, thank God we still have Donnie Yen, otherwise kung fu celluloid world will die a natural death. I didn't quite like his previous two shows, so if he really kick ass in this latest movie, will definitely watch it! : )

william wilstroth said...

fuyoh... dun play play... the multiple combo punch.... really does pack one hell of hits... !!!

Johnny Ong said...

wow, i gave standing ovation to dragon tiger gate and now u said that i can erase that

this is a must see movie then

acura said...

foongpc : the trailer certainly look promising. I am keeping my fingers crossed

william : multiple combo punch = Ouch!

johnny ong : good for you if you enjoy it ^~^

as for me, i still can't get over the hair & excessive posing haha

Yee Lin said...

Thanks for dropping by. Nice blog you're having. ((=

BernardC said...

I would said i'm coming forward to watch the Ip Man...since its part of the history stuff we less heard off..

About Disaster, I have to laugh but then wonder y i laugh at lame don really makes money but im sure their next one may sounds like this, "Action Movie"

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