Saturday, February 23, 2008

PPC Simulation : Blood, Gore & Broken Bones

These are the pics of simulation (complete with fake blood) taken last Tuesday. I will let the graphic images do the talking this time around.


Making blood from flour, syrup & kicap

Beng Huat spraying blood on victim's hand

This senior is an expert in doing make up


Chia Yi + scratch marks

Kean, our victim of the night, literally

Injuries :Severed hand & broken leg with protruding bone


Got hit by car. Became bloody mess

The hand that flew away

Wake up lah Ching Lei, Don't sleep!


Fall asleep also need CPR?

Bondage, uh, i mean...bandaged

This is how you check you stretcher, ladies & gentleman

This is how to destroy one

Omg...What to do? What to do?

Insert your own quote : )

The serious & strict judges


Johnny looks strangely happy at being dragged

Sakit A...Sakit B...Sakit C.....

Open mouth big big ya


Happy juniors

Even happier seniors

Simulation comes to an end, at last *phew*

Friday, February 15, 2008


I guess it's still not too late to blog about my CNY celebration this year round right?

I went into the holiday worrying about my mid-sem exam and Math assignment (it's true! it's true!). With the exam being held on chor 6, I had to revise in between gambling sessions. But when I went back to UKM, the lecturer told us that the exam had been postponed! Because Pak Lah came and hijacked our exam hall. Grr....Thanks for making my CNY so gloomy,En Zaki.

Nevertheless, CNY still need to be celebrated. Exams or no exams.

On New Year's eve, after the customary reunion dinner, we head down to Petaling Street for prayers as always. We will go to Kwan Tai Miu for prayers without fail every year. Roads leading to KL centre were eerily deserted. Almost like New York city in 'I am Legend', minus the zombies of course.

Temple's entrance. One step beyond & you will be teary eye in no time, due to the smoke.

It's not called Kwan Tai Miu for nothing, just look at the gigantic Kwan Kung knife on the bottom left corner of the pic. This is the knife I said I wanted to borrow (Wei Sung you better beware hehe) Managed to lift it twice & it's darn heavy.

Rows upon rows of joss sticks

My sis taking pics for her assignment with the Simon Yam camera. My dad acted as her bodyguard.

On the 1st day of New Year, we went to watch Stephen Chow's CJ7 at Pavilion. Watching movies during CNY had become some sort of a ritual for us in recent years. It's kinda funny but not in a classic Stephen Chow kind of way. In fact he is serious throughout the movie. No wackiness from him *sigh* But, at least we can be thankful it won't be as bad as another CNY movie, Himalaya Singh * shudders*

Lanterns along Bintang Walk. Pretty Pretty.

We even saw some guys in a break dancing battle just outside BB Plaza. Quite a crowd, eh?

The 2nd day were always the most lucrative as we went to visit my mother's relatives. While I spent chor 3 going to my gf's hometown in Semenyih. Before I knew it, it was back to school again.....

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Wangsa Maju - Dangerous?

I was meeting up with some of my friends the other day,when one of them,Kenny, told me that a guy was murdered near our secondary school bus stop. The victim-a mentally ill guy that we often saw wandering around Wangsa Maju. I was not able to determine whether it was just plain rumours or not but he adds that this place is not that safe anymore.

Seems like Wangsa Maju is getting well known for the all the wrong reasons these days. Personally, I feel safe like I always did growing up here. No bad experience whatsoever all these years (not that I would like to have one). So, is the situation really that bad?

Hmm,I dunno lets see....

First, the murder of a student near the LRT station by snatch thieves. And then, the attempted rape of a KTAR student by a security guard. Then, Nurin was kidnapped from a pasar malam in Section 1, creating major headlines & massive uproar. One of my friend was even robbed at knife point inside a cyber cafe!!

Sign erected after the snatch thieves incident

With all these incidents happening, I wondered what the police were doing. Instead of giving me saman, maybe they should do something more useful like preventing crime? Last time I check, crime fighting is still their duty, in addition to clearing roads for VIPs, drinking tea at mamak stall & cruising around in white Wajas.

Hopefully, I won't be reading about negative news originating from Wangsa Maju anymore.
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