Sunday, February 3, 2008

Wangsa Maju - Dangerous?

I was meeting up with some of my friends the other day,when one of them,Kenny, told me that a guy was murdered near our secondary school bus stop. The victim-a mentally ill guy that we often saw wandering around Wangsa Maju. I was not able to determine whether it was just plain rumours or not but he adds that this place is not that safe anymore.

Seems like Wangsa Maju is getting well known for the all the wrong reasons these days. Personally, I feel safe like I always did growing up here. No bad experience whatsoever all these years (not that I would like to have one). So, is the situation really that bad?

Hmm,I dunno lets see....

First, the murder of a student near the LRT station by snatch thieves. And then, the attempted rape of a KTAR student by a security guard. Then, Nurin was kidnapped from a pasar malam in Section 1, creating major headlines & massive uproar. One of my friend was even robbed at knife point inside a cyber cafe!!

Sign erected after the snatch thieves incident

With all these incidents happening, I wondered what the police were doing. Instead of giving me saman, maybe they should do something more useful like preventing crime? Last time I check, crime fighting is still their duty, in addition to clearing roads for VIPs, drinking tea at mamak stall & cruising around in white Wajas.

Hopefully, I won't be reading about negative news originating from Wangsa Maju anymore.

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