Monday, January 28, 2008

Rachel's Birthday

My girlfriend turned 20 last Friday (25th January) & we celebrated the occasion together. I went to fetch her in Sg. Long around 1.30pm, skipping 2 classes in the process. We head straight to Bukit Bintang as I kept her guessing about my plans for the rest of the day.

Reached Sg. Wang at around 3pm, still too early for dinner. I took some time to sneaked to The Ship, across BB Plaza to make a reservation & placed my cake there. We circled the mall for more than 3 hours while waiting for meal time.

At around 6.30pm, I brought her to the restaurant. I think she probably knew I would take her there. Nevertheless, I was hungry and ordered something that cooks on a stone while Rachel ordered a chicken chop.

This is taken while I was busy cooking my own food.

Rachel tried to devoured a whole tomato. Just look at the amount of smoke I made.

I had troubled chomping down the corn. Geez, I looked so tortured in this.

The food was tasty & after we finished everything, it was time to bring out the cake. I bought it from the bakery at Fasa 4 on my way to Sg. Long. As you can see, it came with a very special massage ; )

A few of the workers joined us and sang the birthday song together. This made Rachel so paiseh, she quickly blew out the candles without making a wish. She said that she already made a wish when she celebrated with her friends earlier.

I gave her a necklace as present. No pic of it though. Hopefully she would like it.

It was a simple celebration really but it was a significant milestone for her, i guess. As one of her friends put it, reaching 20 is like stepping into a new stage of your life. That's just another way of saying you are 1 year older ; )


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