Sunday, January 27, 2008

Kena Saman

Last Thursday I received a call from my mum, apparently I was caught speeding and a saman had been delivered to my house. So, my mum called to asked me about it. Obviously, not very pleased with my law-breaking act.

I was certainly surprised & caught off guard by it. Surprised not because I got the saman but surprised because it was delivered so late. I almost thought I got away with it. Dang!

Because that speeding thing happen in December last year!! I was on the way back to UKM using the Cheras-Kajang highway happily cruising on the right lane. Then, when I was approaching some bridge, I saw this policeman crouching with a camera underneath it.

That's when I thought 'Die lah sure kena saman ady!!'. Secretly hoping I am too fast for the camera. But the saman didn't arrived as I wait & wait until......the phone call. Duh!!!

They say I was doing 109km/h on a highway with a limit of 90km/h. What?? You called that speeding??

Some highways have a limit of 110km/h but apparently not this one. So next time out I will be more alert to signboards for the speed limit. Previously, I thought those were just suggestions. And because of that, I was slapped with a RM300 fine!

Losing money before CNY even starts. Great. Now, have to work harder at the mahjong tables to win it back ; )

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