Saturday, January 12, 2008

690 - KMD 08 Sets New Record!!

Kempen Menderma Darah 08 comes to an end today after a period of 5 very hectic days. In the process, we managed to get a record breaking 690 donors, beating last year's haul of 589.

Needless to say, such an impressive result would not be possible without the contributions of all AJK of KMD 08. In fact planning for an event of such scale began last semester, during the busy exam month. And continued into the first week of the semester. So much need to be done, banners & posters need to be hanged, pameran stuff to be completed, VIPs need to be contacted etc etc

Sometimes, we had to work till the wee hours of the morning.

The actual event begin on Monday on the 7th of January with the customary officiating ceremony. The boring speeches, the cutting of ribbons, the presentation of cenderahati & most important of all-the jamuan after the ceremony, you know the drill.

Waiting for VIPs in front of the foyer

Everybody seated & ready to go

Sila undi saya, calon 001

Trying my best not to fall asleep

Unfortunately, we did not manage to borrow the projector from pejabat for our multimedia show. So for those who missed it, here is the clip featuring some fine acting from our very own members ; )

The actual donation can only begin after the ceremony. Even though the perasmian took up precious time, we still managed a respectable 128 donors on the first day.

On the 2nd day, donors increased to 157 and peaked on the 3rd day with 186. To cope with such large amount donors, Pusat Darah Negara had to increased the number of beds from the initial 12 to 15. But still, the waiting time is very long.

You have to wait to have blood taken from you

On the 3rd day is also the day we get our most macho & handsome donor, Mr Tan Mok Keat

So cool, no wonder people like him

In addition to donating blood, there is a booth for donating your organs as well. Even though it's less painful, donating organ isn't very popular. I really salute those who sign up as donor on the spot, as I still do not have the testicular fortitude to fill in the form.

Those who wish to donate organ can get the form from me

The 4th day experienced a drop in donors as it's a public holiday. And that's where I came to the rescue. In order to increased the statistic, uh...I mean to save lives, I chose to donate on Thursday.




Those who say donating blood is painless is bluffing, but I am sure everyone can tolerate a small amount of pain for a good cause. This is my bag of blood. Looks kind of abnormal, don't you think so?

On the final day, we managed to get 121 donors for a grand total of 690 bags of blood. Bloody Impressive!!!

Before I end this, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who was involved in making this campaign successful. From the AJK who busted their asses to the juniors who duty during this 5 days. Also not forgetting seniors who spared time to help out even though they are already retired. Thank you very much for the support.

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Mervin said...

noob la. Insufficient blood yet still wanna to donate. Ppl donate 450ml but you can only donate 350ml. Haigh....

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