Saturday, January 19, 2008

JKMB's Sleepyheads

I would really love to blog about the Malaysian Open quarterfinals that I watched just now but I am too exhausted. So in I am just going to do a short post about on another subject.

There is this one post in Zao Qi’s blog with my pictures in it.....sleeping. Since I dunno what he wrote, I will just assume it’s something bad. Which is most probably true anyway.

You see, JKMB is full of sleepyheads. It is not difficult to find people 'fishing' in the middle of a kuliah.

For example, look at this pic of Zao Qi. This is what experts do in class, look like concentrating but in reality....sleeping.

Of course he does not sleep from start till end. When he is not sleeping, he usually took pictures of himself using other people's handphone.

Here are more pics of JKMB's sleepyheads

Goodnight & have a nice day ;)

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