Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Copycat Blogging

Reading Simon's post about the copycat blogger makes me wonder how some people can resort to such things just to gain traffic. I am sure many of us had came across another kind of copycat blogger as well.

The kind that copy & paste an entire news article & pass it off as their own blog entry. Of course, a lot of bloggers post their views about issues highlighted in the media. That's fine...but what I am referring to are those who lift the entire article from an online news portal but are too lazy to offer their own opinion on it. No comments, no original input whatsoever from the blogger.

Basically, we are just reading the news article in HIS / HER blog! If no personal views are offered on that matter, then I do not think there is a difference reading a blog or reading it straight from The Star online or NST online. Isn't this a form of online plagiarism too?

But the thing is many (including myself) of us are attracted to the
sex related interesting blog titles, only to find a cold emotionless news article on the other end, sometimes the same article we read in the morning papers. And those posts are pretty high up in Innit too...really discouraging to other more honest bloggers like....*cough*myself*cough*


BernardC said...

Are u directing those words to me? Lol!!

I was rather surprise on how the Russian played, they are not the good bu it become good bcuz of tactical play. Look at their passing, GOSH!! And the Spanish are just barely scrapped thru the Italian. Kinda dramatic like the ManU - Chelsea final I watched last month with the same thriller. I bet Germany and Spain go thru. Turkey r not going to have a strong squad against Germany cuz the players have a lot of yellow card, but Russia the darkhorse awaken from big defeat will seek revenge esp. Arshavin and Paylvyvenko (I dunno how to pronounce his name) - they are deadly!!

acura said...

Not you but some other bloggers that I shall not named ^~^

I would really like to see Spain to go through. But that means knocking out Russia, a team that plays attractive football also.

Anyway, I am just glad Italy is not in the semis. Their negative football is so painful to watch. And the sad part is it is damn effective, they had been unbeaten in 90 minutes for 20 years already. Gosh!

mckhoii said...

The FAGTAG #14 is up and making blogsbloom. join the tag fever. It's one hell of an easy tag... copy it @ Don't forget to link back. Love yah friend!

3POINT8 said...

I was gonna address this issue kao kao.
Looks like someone beat me to it.
Sigh.... time to delete my super owning post.

Simon Seow said...

But mostly the title is quite misleading one in Innit, click it and turns out to be a disappointment. Thanks for mentioning my post. ;) Down with the copy cat.

Cyren Z. Wong said...

Hmmm...well why don't people just use one of those html codes that prevent "copy and pasting".

I'm sure they culd always like refer and type and refer and type....but really, isn't the whole point of people plagiarising in the first place so they can do a quick job out of it?

The Horny Bitch said...

It's like a lot of bloggers put their blog entry title as "How to direct traffic to your blog". Ppl will clck and then find some duh articles. @#$%^& Waste ppl's time.

acura said...

mckhoii : almost forgot about the tag. thanks for the reminder ^~^

3point8 : No! No! don't delete. I want to read & those copycats deserve it kao kao too

simon : Innit works that way so a lot of people are just exploiting it by using catchy titles. Many times we will just end up being disappointed

cyren.z.wong : not many know how to prevent it using the codes...including me. Maybe you should do a tutorial bout it

the horny bitch : firstly, wow what a name ^~^ yeah agree, Nuffnangers are obsessed with traffic, that's why they can't resist the urge to click.

joshuaongys said...

i know who you mean!!! MEEE!!! LOLX

this post rite?? hahaha

i didn't copy whole article lar but basicly i didn't really say much about the news also.. so i think its me lorh hor... =(

tell me yarh if its really me, i wont hate u!! =) instead i will repent.... ><

alseraphe said...

I've only one thing to say...

I like the pic of that cat on the copier :P

Plagiarism on the net is too common to be scrutinized. I may be guilty as charged sometimes, but I believe most of us do take bits and pieces of news/info from various sites and put it together. Does that count as plagiarism?

How about the same piece of news that is worded differently in different sites? The contents look similar... seemingly rephrased. Can we assume/accuse plagiarism?

joshuaongys said...

lolx i terasa... so malu now.... but its good to hear from you that its not me, however if you got comments bout me, negative ones.. can voice out yea!! i would want to know =)

acura said...

I want to set things straight here to avoid any misunderstanding. I am not referring to bernardc or joshuaongys.

It's good to offer your views on the latest news. I respect that. In fact that's the essence of blogging as popular blogger such as Jeff Ooi or Rocky's Bru also did that. They constantly refer to news article & comment on it.

But I am referring to one blogger who just copy & paste ENTIRE news article with no editing & no comment. Usually it's about sex or rape to catch people's attention. That's the inspiration for my post.

No offence to others ya. Keep on blogging hard ^~^

joshuaongys said...

hahahahhaa bernardc and i terasa lolx.. ehh mail me @ joshuaongys[at]

BernardC said...

Hahaha....i terasa oso la joshua, LOL!!

Acura, dun worry, no offense taken dude. I think I know which culprit u mean because everytime i clicked on the link at innit, it always end up as a news article and no comments or views given.

To all the bloggers:
Making blog post is not easy,like my posts on EURO lately, I have to use my own words to create something like a news. If merely copy and paste with tricky title on innit intended to attract more ppl and money, blogging bas become meaningless. I copy news article so that u ppl dun have to search for it on wat I wanna meant on the post, then add my own rendition of comments and opinions abt it. If I wanna read news solely without bloggers' comments, I rather read it from TheStarOnline,Jeff Ooi's etc instead...

Tat one still okay, they are ppl who plagiarise other ppls' blog post...copy photos some more. WTH, these ppl are lack in intelligence, common sense, dignity and creativity!! Duh!!

"Crucify them!!" Haha...

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