Thursday, June 26, 2008

Orientation Survival Guide

Results of the local university entrance are out! Congratulations to the fortunate ones who manage to secure a place. That's the easy part & now comes the hard part - the dreaded Minggu Orientasi (or whatever fancy name they decide to call it)

This 1st week of uni life is not going to be easy, as you are being thrust into an alien environment, trying to adapt while being subjected to a punishing schedule.

Here are a few steps to make it all more bearable....

On the 1st day of orientation, it's important to arrive early & settle all the paperwork so that you can get the keys to your room. It's good to be mentally prepared before heading to your room though. Remember, you are not in your 'Home Sweet Home' territory anymore.

During my 1st day of orientation, I was shocked by the condition of my room, it's dirty, the furnitures are old & broken, the mattress is yellowish with brown stains, walls with graffiti...seriously, I had seen better prison cells!

Your room probably won't be as bad but it is still going to be messy & dirty. So, start cleaning up as soon as possible (that's when your family members will come in handy ^~^) because activities will begin in the afternoon. There isn't much time to spare really.

My room after extensive 'renovations'...those brown papers are to cover up the graffiti

The Tight Schedule
The whole week would be packed full of activities from early morning till past midnight. You won't be getting your 8 hours of beauty sleep during these 7 days for sure. A typical day will begin at 5am for the ceramah moral, continuing with various talks ending only around 1 or 2am.

The little breaks in between are usually for meals & if lucky, a quick bath. Lack of sleep is normal, heck I even stayed up to watch the World Cup final during my year. Of course, most will probably make up for their lost of sleep by taking a nap during those long boring talks. I used to do it too, that's why I did not remember much about the speeches delivered during my own orientation week hehe

Meals will be provided free of charge throughout the week. You will get about 5 to 6 meals a day but most of it will be spicy. Being tired both mentally & physically, you really won't have the appetite to gulp down all those stuff. But still you need them for energy. Drinking plenty of fluids is a must too. Sore throat is common due to eating all those curries & fried food so consult the PBSM guys for medication.

This guy doesn't seem to be bothered by the food though

Most of the activities required you to be in formal wear. Here in UKM, the guys are suppose to be wearing white shirts, black pants & gals blue baju kurung. Check your own university guidelines for confirmation & bring at least 2 sets of them.

Being in your formal clothes while rushing from one venue to another would not be pleasant. And with such a tight schedule, there is no time to wash your clothes. Even if you manage to do your laundry, it won't have time to dry. So, you will probably end up wearing the same
smelly shirt for a few days (don't laugh) & 2 sets are the bare minimum to last you throughout the week.

My formal wear...hung & ready to be recycled for next day use ^~^

You will do lots of walking during orientation so it's important to have comfortable shoes. Guys are usually fine with their leather shoes. It's the gals with heels that are going to suffer with cuts & blisters. Keep your killer heels at home & go with a more comfortable alternative. Also, bring a pair of sneakers for sports & other less formal events.

Most important of all is to have a positive attitude, after all you did manage to get into a uni right? Grumbling & whining won't do you much good...and although not exactly a pleasant experience, the orientation will be one of the things you remember from your university days (Damn! I sound so old)

Oh, to those entering UKM. Welcome to the #289 university in the world!


Simon Ho said...

LOL. the last line was funny. haha. omg. is uni life that stressful for everybody. every uni like that wan ah?

BernardC said...

To Simon:
For ppl like Acura and me, well Uni life is like tat. I remember on the first day oso, my roomies got diarrhea bcuz of the food.

Malaysian Uni life....well, it is full of surprises and stories. LOL!!

Miss Q said...

Quite an useful survival guide, i think all local uni is like that one lor, i heard most of my friends in local uni saying the same thing too!!! But i guess that's the way seniors trying to know the juniors better..

so juniorS, just enjoy ur 1st week lar!!!!

In my uni which is a private one, we do have ragging but is so mild now-a-days, cause too many Datuk's or Dr's or Prof's or some big shoot son n daughter in my uni dy...cant bullied those spoit

Cyren Z. Wong said...

Hahaha it ain't so bad in my Uni!

Or at least my course was a pretty "open" course so mostly everyone just accepts everyone and no mess there.

I dunnoe how it was like in other courses larh....

QuaChee said...

i miss the orientations. last time we had to do quite silly things (but fun) like dancing on the road when traffic light stop... or laying down on the busy pathways of Orchard Road. kinda nice, but now i heard it has been toned down for safety reasons.

acura said...

simon ho : I think the 1st week is the most stressful. After that it's very laid back, erm...for me at least hehe

bernardc : my roomie just can't tahan the orientation week. Few days later he quit & went to a private uni.

Have to agree it's full of surprises la both bad & not so good ones haha

miss q : actually the seniors are all pretty friendly once you got to know them. So juniors don't be scared of them la.

Haha if you rag them maybe you will get sued so better don't touch ^~^

cyren.z.wong : You must be lucky to get such a nice course

quachee : Wow, dancing on the road...sounds very fun. D orientation has been toned down here as well. Ragging is no longer allowed. I wonder how it was like last time when ragging is rampant

Johnny Ong said...

enjoy the uni time as u'll treasure it, be it the bad and good times, when u look back later on

hui_ping said...

my first time in my uni room i saw a dead lizard in my cupboard...
the orientation week was kaki so sakit from the damn heels.... haha
but overall it was fun :)

BernardC said...

Haha...i wonder wat will happen this year in Bangi? Hey u better watch and take care my new juniors huh!!


I need ur opinion. I checked on Nuffnang visior "Came from" and i found out that I have 1 visitor from Israel. Wat shud I do? Will they catch me and put me in ISA? hahaha...LOL, out of topic!!

Lena T said...

Hope you'll be able to adapt to the change in environment in good time. cheers:)

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