Friday, June 6, 2008

Thanks For The Hike

Firstly, I would like to thank Pak Lah & the BN government for the news that with immediate effect the prices of petrol will increase to RM2.70. SYABAS!!

With one smart move, we solve so many problems.

Finally, we can solve the traffic jams in the city because people will be using our very efficient public transport to commute now. It's always the poor people with their Kancils & Savvys that are clogging our roads. So now by hiking the price of fuel those peasants won't be able to afford to drive them anymore hahaha

There has been a lot of cases of people getting rob by Mat Rempits at petrol station too you know. By raising the fuel price, the government is actually making the petrol station a safer & more secure place. Nobody can afford to even pump petrol nowadays hahaha So take that you stupid Mat Rempits! I bet you never saw that coming, don't you?!

Huh? What do you mean crime rate is going to rise instead because people are finding it hard to make ends meet? That's not true! I dunno, I haven't seen the report on this.

The government also keep telling us that the subsidy is burdensome for a very long time, so it's time we remove it. Oil prices are rising worldwide you know. Like today I read in the newspaper that India is raising their fuel prices too. We need to follow suit cause it is a worldwide phenomena. Never mind the fact that India imports 70% of their fuel while we are a net exporter of oil lah.

Who cares if Petronas is enjoying record high profits due to the rising price of oil per barrel. Our petrol price is still the CHEAPER than Thailand & Singapore.

Oh, just don't look at the table below...

Although we are an oil exporter & we get crazy profits, why should we use those money to subsidize fuel to help the rakyat? Isn't it wiser to invest those billions for the future, for our anak cucu like what our 2nd Finance Minister told us here.

We are talking about billions here okay. With the available funds, we can finally send another heroic Malaysian up into space to continue our ground breaking research at the ISS - how to tarik teh in zero gravity. Or we can use it to buy more submarines, more Sukhois.

We are sacrificing for our future generations here, how noble.

Also, those Singaporeans & Thais are sucking us dry. They came here & pump their cars full of our subsidized petrol. Since we can't think of an effective way to stop it, we might as well raise the fuel price to almost the same as in their country haha Serve them right! Now pump lah pump lah! You won't get to enjoy OUR subsidies anymore ROTLMAO

TAHNIAH again! *clap clap clap*


r.p said...

I will still go to Johor to pump petrol... it's still a lot cheaper than Singapore petrol =D

.:JoY:. said...

"Now pump lah pump lah!"

LMAO nicely said!

Johnny Ong said...

referring to the subsidy issue. who paid the subsidy to whom?

i have asked many and haven't got two similar answers till now.

QuaChee said...

well written lol

BernardC said...

Wow, To Johnny Ong: If you dunno where the money really gone. None of us sure. What i can say is that royalty and subsidy are two things running concurrently.

3POINT8 said...

Kinda true...
less traffic jam, good for msia.
Its time msia focus on improving public transport

acura said...

r.p : yeah even after the increase it's still cheaper. No need to ban the sale of petrol to Singaporeans...problem solved ^~^

joy : Hi there & welcome

johnny ong : it's our tax money. Oops...I am not working yet so it's my parents tax money!

quachee : thanks *evil grin*

bernardc : i am sure they are going to blew it on some mega project. Just wait for it.

3point8 : traffic jam will be lessen for maybe a few days. And then it will return to normal again cause people will be fed up using the public transport haha

curryegg said...

Lets clap hands together..

*clap clap*

Borneo Falcon said...

It is a crazy world out there now

BernardC said... is hard oledi. Stupid public transport. Stupid oil price. Stupid food price. WTH!!

Malaysian gov is the best in the world!! Best in managing that damn money, revenue, tax, subsidies, and royalty. Because money can get lost from the account as well.

Also royalty to oil producing states, it's so unfair. If we can take back the money, I rather go and "roboh" the KLCC tower.

Johnny Ong said...

its not the tax also. in the first place, the govt said they have to subsidise. and then petronas said subsidising the petrol for the citizens was not fair on them and petronas cld go bust in 2018.

so who is subsidising then. if govt did subsidise, who did they pay the subsidies to?

tat's the reason why the oppositions are asking for petronas accounts to be tabled. apparently, subsidies may not exist after all.

Chicken Feet aka KaKiaYam said...

Good post, acura. I thank Pak Lah too for this wonderful present. What a surprise....!

By the way, our dearest space hero has yet to submit any report for the space experiment conducted more than 4 months ago... I blog about it here -


acura said...

curryegg : *clapping non stop*

borneo falcon : it's a crazy world with crazy prices out there now

bernardc : I think what most of us are angry is the mismanagement of funds by the government all over the years & we are afraid the billions saved will just go down the drain...again!

johnny ong : yeah interesting question to ponder. The Petronas account can only be viewed by our beloved PM. We will forever be in the dark here

chicken feet : I wonder what happen to those experiments too. And please don't start a Space University, what we need is to restore our present uni back to the Top 100

Simon Ho said...

it's stupid to compare our oil prices with singapore. we are members of OPEC for gawd's sake. basically ministers should just cut their entertainment fees by 50% and pay for their traveling expenses themselves. if a uni student has no time for entertainment with all the assignments, how can ministers with huge responsibility have so much time to do lawatan sambil belajar?

acura said...

simon ho : i like your comparison ^~^ why the need for so much 'entertainment' expenses? And what did they belajar from their lawatan anyway?

If a student went on a lawatan they are expected to do a report later...i would like to see our ministers do that hehe

Teddy said...

u sound so piss off

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