Saturday, May 31, 2008

KL's Future Skyscraper

I am sure most of us had seen the amazing skyscrapers they are going to build in Dubai from those forwarded e-mails. But many are not aware of the skyscrapers being built at our own backyard here. Here is a preview of a few of the magnificent structures that will transform Kuala Lumpur's skyline once completed.

This is the Menara Commerce located at Jalan Raja Laut. I think it is nearing completion as seen from the recently taken picture below

If you took a stroll through KLCC park today, you will be able to see the hectic construction work around it. Most of them are for the construction of residences & the most stunning would be the Troika below. Imagine living within walking distance of KLCC park & also Suria KLCC ^~^

Also at the vicinity of KLCC is Platinum Park project. They are planning to build 7 towers in all. Very ambitious. Looking forward to seeing the two twisting towers.

Just beside the iconic Petronas Twin Towers itself will be the site for the Petronas Carigali Tower, & it would be taller than Menara Maxis located on the right. I wonder why they pick such a bland design though.

But my favorite would be the Four Seasons Centre which is a mixed development of hotel, service apartment units & retail space. This is one skyscraper that's almost as tall as the Twin Towers & it's GORGEOUS!

At present, our skyline look something like this, dominated by the Twin Towers & KL Tower

With the addition of the brand new skyscrapers, the Kuala Lumpur skyline at night will probably look like this.

For more pics & info, go to this forum here, Nang me here


Qian / Miss Q said...

COOL, when can all the skyscrapper been build? I the view of KL will be much more nicer soon, and i m really looking forward for that!!!!!

Falcon said...

I like the Four season design...

and yeah they didnt mention in the news about the boy getting beaten up...rubbish..

joshuaongys said...

Tagged You!! Don't Worry, Its a short tag =)

anyway, the buildings are... SOOOOOOOOO COOOOLLLLLLLLLL!!!!

but i thought malaysia is in debt... how can they... nvm... haa

BernardC said...

wt hell was that!!
why not save money for the poor?
But it is good thingyI heard they wanna build some 100 stories tower near sentul or something

C K said...

I'm always amused about how we love tall (and big) buildings. There's really no place for subtlety anymore, is there? :)

Anyway, I love those buildings!

Johnny Ong said...

bernardc - we have to see the long term planning. if we don't encourage investors to come in, we wld not have all this new bldgs too. no investment, no new businesses in m'sia

acura said...

qian/miss q : the four seasons & petronas carigali is under construction right now. Not sure when it will be ready though. Must depend on the financial situation of the developer la haha

falcon : that's my favorite ^~^

joshuaongys : will be doing your tag soon. Thanks hehe

bernardc : it's for the gov to provide for the poor. I am sure all those developments will generate plenty of $$$ for our gov

c k : erm, Malaysians are not exactly known for being subtle. We always want to be the biggest, tallest, longest......That's why we had our own Book of Records.

johnny ong : yup i hope all of this is properly planned so that it is sustainable during the long run.

BernardC said...

it would hella be the same bcuz mostly they can directly fund to the poor. Y give the gov, I don trust them!!

QuaChee said...

wow, am looking fwd to all these! will be a nice add to the kl skyline :)

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