Monday, May 26, 2008

The Toy Museum

When my gf first suggest we go check out this place in Penang, I seriously thought it was a bad idea. A toy museum? Sounds like a poorly run tourist rip off to me.

Like many great Malaysian tourist attraction, this place charged different admission rates for locals & foreigners.
Is the government subsidising my entrance fee as well? haha

My skepticism quickly fade away
upon entering & seeing the size of the collection. The place was lined with rows upon rows of shelfs crammed full of toys. The collection is so huge, they can divide it into different sections.

There is large section dedicated to Star Wars & LOTR action figures. So many in fact the owner probably had trouble fitting them inside the display shelfs. I think those figures alone would cost him a fortune.

Standing room only, okay

Love this scene

The museum even had life size version of the characters. The owner really had an unhealthy obsession with his toys here. I mean, who in their right mind would want a life size Jar Jar Binks? As if the movie version is not irritating enough!

I met the King

This guy here doesn't look too happy at being photographed

Can I borrow your rod to kill Jar Jar?

Look, I found the cutest dustbin ever!!!

Not to mentioned, Mr. Potato Head version of Darth Vader, Storm Trooper & R2D2

I forgot to bring my angry eyes again

Dead celebrities & pro wrestlers had their own toys too. The whole Smackdown thing really brought back memories of the days when I used to rush back from tuition classes to catch the show. We discussed about the plot lines the next day in school, sometimes even trying a few wrestling moves on unsuspecting friends.....Ahh, those were the days.

Bruce Lee immortalised in toy form

Layeth The Smackdown

Aside from all the big boys toys, there are some cute cartoon characters to make the kids & um, adults happy

I like the singing Giant

So cute can die

Can I bring this home?

Three monsters to terrorize you

Lots of Transfor, I mean Gandum, sorry erm...Gundam

But the coolest toys were all reserved for the Chamber of Horror section

Aliens vs Predator

Willie Wonka looks a lot like Michael Jackson. Creepy

Warning : Keep away from water

The psychopath from Saw who loves S & M *shudder*

Hi, I am Chucky. Wanna play?

Very impressive collection I must say. It's the world's largest toy collection according to the brochure so definitely worth a visit. The owner surely need all the money he can get to sustain his hobby hehe


~YM~ said...

Aiya, must be rich kid la, collect so many toys..hmmph.. what happened to power rangers? tak da ka?

BernardC said...

i heard of it last time, very interesting place. It's gud to going back into time of childhood

acura said...

ym : Ya la sure his parents very loaded. power rangers le haha still a fan after all these years?

benardc : i heard bout it only when i went to tourism penang website. It's a pity they don't much promotion

BernardC said...

Advertising cost = mahal

babychyu said...


omg ~ wer is the toy museum?
izzit just next to Copthorne Orchid Hotel ?????????

Chicken Feet aka KaKiaYam said...

i guess the owner must be an 80's child. Many of my favourite cartoon characters are not there, sigh...

acura said...

babychyu : Hi there Adeline, yeah it's located in front of Copthorne

chickenfeet : I think so...what cartoon characters are you looking for? ^~^

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