Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kings of Europe!!

Unbelievable! We finally did it! Manchester United won the European Champions League and what a way to win it!

It's a final full of dramatic moments with both sides having chances to win the trophy in regulation time. Manchester United drew first blood when Ronaldo head the ball unchallenged to to take the lead. And for next couple of minutes, Man Utd were playing some very nice attacking football. An early goal & constantly on the attack - definitely a dream start.

Heck, Man Utd should have been 3-0 in front! Carrick shot straight at Cech with the goal at his mercy & Tevez just one touch away from scoring. I was cursing our luck.

To make matters worse, Chelsea equalised just before halftime with a freak goal. Essien shot took two deflections & land beautifully for Lampard to score. Instead of comfortably leading, we went into halftime level on score!

The 2nd half is a complete reversal of the 1st, Chelsea keep on attacking. I could barely watch as they seem likely to score every time they venture forward. We were helpless, one Drogba shot even hit the post, & my heart skipped a beat. Alas, Man Utd survived through normal regulation time...

In extra time, another Chelsea shot hit the woodwork! Very unlucky of them. I was emotionally drained, it is as if Chelsea's winning goal would be inevitable. The players were obviously tiring as well. The pitch was like a skating rink, everybody was slipping & it's raining heavily too.

Minutes before the end of extra time, suddenly a scuffle broke out. I am not really sure what happened, it has got something to do with Tevez but Drogba was just plain stupid to slap Vidic. Definitely deserved his red card!

And then came the penalties, promising even more heart stopping moments. Ronaldo's shot, of all people was saved by Cech. With everybody else converting their kicks, Terry just need to convert his for them to win. By that time, I almost gave up all hope....

But but but.....miraculously he slipped, just like Beckham & hit the woodwork! My friends & I were all jumping up & down, we were still in it!

Then, it was van der sar's turn to be hero, he saved Anelka's shot & against all odds, Manchester United became Kings of Europe!!

Champions of England & Kings of Europe! You will definitely hear us fans bragging about it for many years to come.


Johnny Ong said...

many months to come la ..... 1 yr later, another champions league final will happen. maybe man united will enter the finals again ...... prolong our bragging somemore hahahha

CJ said...

finally they did it. had been a good year for them ya.

thanks for the nang on my med student post ya.

Michael said...

Excellent game! Great result. And I still can't believe Drogba did such a stupid thing. Reminds me of Zindane in the World Cup. Easily could be seen as having cost his team the game.

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