Saturday, March 29, 2008

Weekend Trip To France

Note : This post is two weeks late due to my faulty laptop, faulty internet connection in my residential college + a very busy week due to my final project.

I must admit that the the title is slightly misleading (intentionally). But then again, who would believe I actually went to France during the weekend, right? Wrong!!

I posted the pic below with the same title in my Friendster & one of my friend actually post a comment saying how I am so loaded & managed to go to all the place he had been dreaming to go *sweat* Obviously, he didn't notice the absence of any mat sallehs & the very Malaysian looking crowd behind me in the pic.

Sorry to disappoint, but the pic was actually taken at Berjaya Hills, situated in faraway Pahang hehe

I remembered going there 5 or 6 years back, when it was still known as Bukit Tinggi. Back then, the French village was actually just a one street-town with little to do. Dull & boring : that is how I would described the visit. During my visit 2 weeks ago, I found out that things haven't change one bit!! It is still the same old one street-town with little to do. Duh!

The picture below depicts the entire French village. It was taken from the observation tower at the end of the street & from the pic, you can see the entrance ( the clock tower ). You can stroll from end to end in less than 10 minutes.

With nothing to do, the sighting of this created lots of excitement hehe

Gigantic beehive

If you get tired of the French village (which would be pretty quick), you can always visit the Japanese garden. It has everything you expect from a Japanese garden

Serene & tranquil surroundings

Rustic little hut (Rachel not included)

And a pond full of obese carps haha

If you grew tired of that also, then there is always the option of visiting the rabbit farm. We didn't went there though. I personally object to the notion of such animal exploitation (Thank you naked PETA activist for instilling such values in me).

I love furry little animals, I think they are absolutely tasty.

P.S : Just joking ^~^


Khairul said...

Hey god created animals for us to endeavour, so off with their heads, throw 'em in the deep fryer and voila!

acura said...

I see you are an animal lover too.
Maybe you should join the WWF, Greenpeace or something.
Better yet PETA, looking forward 2 see you hit the headlines.

Khairul said...

Yeah I love to EAT those animals! R u being serious or I'm smelling some sarcasm in the air? I was refering to those fat kois, Hmmmmm...fat kois...

Oh I will make the headlines, I will go to the freakin' PeTA office, wear fur coats, leather boots, Tiger's fang necklace...see how they gonna handle me. Ha ha ha!

acura said...

Sarcasm? What sarcasm?

Fat kois made me drool HoHo

I will make sure i won't miss the news

Johnny Ong said...

the property owner must be blind on the size of that beehive

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