Saturday, March 8, 2008

P116 : Vote Vote Vote

Today is the culmination of 13 days of intense campaigning. Today is when Malaysia decides & I am happy to be part of it, for the very 1st time. In fact, I just came back from voting (feel so proud *sob*).

My mum woke me up at around 8am. From above, we can see a long line of people outside the Section 2 school gate, waiting to go in. So, I hurriedly prepare & head down to my former secondary school.

It was just a short walk from where I live to the polling station. Cars already lined both sides of the road leading up to the school. Many of them, decorated with BN's flags.

A small crowd had already gather at the road leading to the school's entrance. We stopped by BN's booth to check for our voting stream. The guy that do the checking for me look strangely familiar. Hmm..think I saw him in UKM before (I couldn't care less anyway as I was on a mission)

After punching my IC number into his laptop, I was issued this slip. Since this was done at BN's booth, the slip had a dacing on it.

As I make my way towards the polling station, I pass by a line of aunties doing some last minute vote fishing for MCA's incumbent Yew Teong Look. Of course by then, I had already decided on who to vote for. From the pics, you can see where the PKR's booth is situated as well. Not many people were checking their voting stream there though when compare to BN's booth. The guy manning the PKR's booth was another familiar face, it was the uncle who sell keropok lekor in front of Yee Fatt.

I continued my journey after taking a few more pics. It has been so long since I walk through those gates. Back in my secondary school days, I used to duty in front of the gate catching latecomers. But as I step into the school compound, I realize that the school has changed. It look very much nicer now in bright yellow paint compared to blue in my days. My dad used to say my school actually look more like a police station ; )

Once inside, I go to my designated voting stream number 8 which was situated on the 2nd floor. My parents all vote on the ground floor. I guess they divided us according to age as you do not expect the elderly to climb upstairs to vote. The queue was actually quite short.

The voting process is the same as our university's election. They checked your IC, cross out your name, give you a paper to vote & you dump it into the transparent box.

The whole thing took only a few minutes. But I have to wait for my parents as they were still in line after I was done. My dad took the longest time because the queue was crazy long at his stream. I guess not many young adults were coming out to vote hence my quick exit.

All 3 of us walk back home after that. As I pass by the PKR's booth, the keropok lekor uncle thank us for voting & upon seeing me holding a camera, invited me to take pictures of their booth. I gladly obliged for sure.

After all had been said & done, we can only wait for the result tonight. Hopefully, the candidate that I voted for will win (I am not telling you who though hehe). And more importantly, a new dawn for Malaysia will emerged. If you know what I mean...... ; P


~YM~ said...

Linked you liao..

Sorry no dawn yet, have to wait..
Cos I haven't enter the fray.. X'D

Anak Wangsa Maju untuk Wangsa Maju!! keke..

acura said...

Latest result....

Wee Choo Keong won in Wangsa Maju!!

A new dawn has really emerged, not only in Wangsa Maju but whole of Malaysia. Amazing. Will try to digest & blog about everything asap

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