Sunday, March 23, 2008

Don't Buy Compaq Laptop

This should be sound advice for anybody looking to buy a new laptop : just stay the hell away from Compaq!! I owned a Compaq Presario V3000 series laptop that was bought in mid 2006 & ever since then, sending my laptop for servicing had become a part of my life.

What makes the frustration even more unbearable is the fact that Compaq is a well-known brand name & we were made to believe that the product bearing their name should be of good quality. We made the mistake of placing our trust in the company by buying not ONE but TWO (another for my sis) laptops from the official dealership in Low Yat.

Problems are aplenty, all of them hardware failures. Anybody owning a similar model can surely relate to this. My troubles started with the DVD ROM, my laptop couldn't detect it after only a few months of usage. So, they took the DVD ROM away & replace it with a new one. Fair enough.

Then, one day I try to switch on my laptop only to be greeted by a blank screen. Frustrated, I sent my laptop all the way back to Low Yat. Found out later that the AMD processor of my laptop was burnt!! *gasp* I knew AMDs overheat but never knew it burnt so easily too. They gave me a new one since it's still under warranty.

Few weeks later, I found out that my laptop couldn't detect the memory properly. Suppose to be 1GB of RAM but only 512MB was detected. Had to sent it back again & they replace the faulty system board with a new one.

And last week, my sister's laptop couldn't boot, the tech guy suspects some problems with the motherboard. Motherboard failure? Barely 2 years of usage?

And right now, I am posting this from another computer. Reason? My own laptop couldn't detect my home's wireless network. *Grr....* Wonder what's the problem this time around. Nothing will surprise me now for sure.

If all the problems above still didn't manage to persuade you to change your mind, then just go ahead & buy Compaq. I wish you the best of luck.

As for me, I will continue stomping on my laptop to get it back working.


~YM~ said...

haha..i use Acer..ciplak also, but no problem yet.. n_n

Btw, you're joining Nuffnang!! lolz!!

acura said...

I think u get one of the good ones lol
I am joining out of curiosity. Yet to find out how nuffnang really works though. Care to give some advice? ^~^

~YM~ said...

Haha..advise? Just get some readers into your blog. very hard to explain here anyway. Just read the FAQ, and try on your own lor.. just get some traffic into your blog anyway. You'll have to ask me one ques by 1 ques personally cos its so wide..X'D

Khairul said...

You're rambling again...Ha ha ha

acura said...

I ramble when I get terribly frustrated.

Warning : Pls do not provoke

Khairul said...

Ha ha ha, provoking you? PLEASE! What do u take me for? Ha ha ha... Dude, when u'r frustrated, drink and smoke, not sit in front of the computer screen and rambles... geez! Ha ha ha, what's next, the BS of iPod? Ha ha it!

acura said...

Wow, sound advice. Thx for the enlightenment bro. Really works

Now, excuse me 4 a while...

Joe Morrison said...

Hey the best suggestion any of sound analyst would provide you after such a experience and enlightenments with your compaq laptop is just try using it as a Tray...

and if you need any help in converting it so.. just let be noo...

acura said...

Thank you maybe i should separate it into 2 & have 2 trays haha

btw my i just send in my laptop for repairs a few days ago. There are some problems with the motherboard, but the best thing is they are replacing mine for FREE!

It's a directive from above. Hmm...i guess the motherboard is faulty from the start.

NSMF said...

I also own a compaq Presario V3000, bought August-September 2006.

I also greeted with a blank screen, caused motherboard failure.

Have problem with the CD drive(not detected). Fixed, i give a whack and closed the drive really hard :P every time i get that problm.

Wireless functioning but not well.

All this problem occurs after my warranty ended, 1 year, and the guy at the computer store said "had to send to HP HQ"...dont have money to fix...might as well buy a new wish list....MAC!

Mirela said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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