Sunday, March 2, 2008

P116 : 1st Time Voting

The 12th general election is upon us & you see signs of it everywhere. Posters, banners and flags adorned every tree, bridge & road. You see lots of deep blue ones, some light blue & some green. Government propaganda started appearing in the media. Ceramahs being held everywhere.

I remember collecting those tiny flags when I was small. But this time around, I will be voting for the first time. Yay!!

I will be voting here, in P116-Wangsa Maju where incumbent YB Yew Teong Lok from MCA will faced off with lawyer Wee Choo Keong (of Lingam tape fame) from PKR. I am still undecided on who to vote for. Still sitting on the fence but excited nevertheless ; )

Traditionally, this is a BN stronghold & signs are definitely pointing to another term for them. Section 2 is filled with thousands of posters of BN, Pak Lah & Yew. PKR's presence can hardly be felt, drowned by the might of BN's machinery. Are they giving up already?

Their choice of Wee Choo Keong is a surprise indeed, considering he was supposed to contest in Bukit Bintang before the last minute change of mind. Parachuting so late into Wangsa Maju might not work so well in his favour. Even though a swing in Chinese votes is likely, news of Wangsa Maju getting a new Chinese school will certainly tipped the dacing into BN's side.

I managed to watched DSAI's ceramah in Wangsa Maju last Thursday here. It's very funny, witty and inspiring. He touch on various issues, even said that the opposition will lower oil prices once it came into power. Some people find that statement laughable, considering the soaring prices in the market (my dad included). But of course, that guy is smart & had a plan. He is an ex-Finance Minister after all so he definitely knew what he is talking about.

BN's slogan for this election is 'Selamat, Aman, Makmur'.They still have the nerve to use that as a slogan even when crime rates are on the rise? Now tell me, which one is more laughable?

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