Monday, March 31, 2008

Of Hamsters & Ungku Omar

As a student currently pursuing my degree in a local university, I had to live away from home. For almost 2 years running, I had been living in Kolej Ungku Omar, a residential college in UKM. I treat it as a place for me to stay while planning my trip back home during the weekends. So, usually it's 4 nights in UO & 3 nights back home.

The long journey home usually begins
at the KTM station (sometimes with crazy long queues)

But, for others whose hometown is situated far away from Bangi. Going home weekly is not an option. UO is practically their home away from home. And they do go to great lengths to make it as such....

People do all sort of things to make their stay here less miserable, like bringing their own rice cooker or toaster or even water filter. While others stock up on all kinds of food stuffs - biscuits, Milo, Nescafe, Maggi...probably preparing for an American invasion of something *shrugs*

Some also decorated their rooms with small potted plants. I even saw one room with wall to wall carpeting!!

But the most outrageous act must have been this....

Bringing their pet hamsters to live with them in the college!!!

Besides keeping his hamsters in a cage outside his room, he had an aquarium inside. That guy must have been in desperate need of a companion.

I seriously hope he is not thinking of getting a dog next.


~YM~ said...

Get a Cat then. Kolej Tun Syed Nasir has plenty of them. And they keep multiply and multiply and multiply..-.-"

acura said...

We have plenty of them here alright.
Of course, UKM is well known for their monkeys.

~YM~ said...

Then if got cat, so smart put aquarium n hamster outside? X'D

Monkeys ah? U mean the staying staying outside or inside the hostels?

acura said...

I once saw a cat staring at the hamsters in the cage, trying to figure a way to grab them *lol*

Hmm...good point. We have monkeys both living inside & outside of hostels. Plus now, orang minyak too!! hehe

BernardC said...

Hello,UKM pal. Try KTSN then. I have been living here for like 4 years here.

acura said...

To BernardC

Thx 4 the invite. Too bad they won't accept me *lol*

Do come over an visit us in the main campus if you have the time.

I will take you go animal sight seeing hehe

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