Saturday, November 22, 2008

Prison Break Coming to an End

Prison Break is coming to an end & the current season will be the last. This news came from Wentworth Miller (aka Michael Scofield) himself during an interview here.

This is bad news indeed for I have been following the series faithfully for four seasons.

It's surprising to learn that the series suffered from poor ratings in the States. I personally enjoyed every bit of it but I think a few bad decisions cost the series it's ratings.

If live action doesn't work, maybe we should try cartoon

One of them being the decision to kill many of the more interesting characters in the series. In fact,
so many characters ended up dead, I had trouble keeping count.

I understand the deaths were meant to drive the plot along & create some shock value. They are trying to's dangerous world out there if you are a escaped con. And I think we got their message.

Fox River sounds like a nice place to settle down

But when the writers went on a killing spree, it loses the initial shocking properties & make them look desperately out of ideas. It's like, whenever the writers ran out of ideas, they gather in a secret room & vote somebody out of the show.

When they chopped off Sara's head in Season 3, I think many viewers just gave up & subscribed to Astro On Demand. At least, those TVB series always have happy cheesy endings.

You definitely do not want to drop your soap in here

The new characters introduced are not as colourful as those that died. Case in point : Wyatt the big bad hitman added in Season 4.

What the writers had in mind was probably a cold blooded, emotionless hired killer. But Wyatt turns out to be a dull, slow & clumsy looking gorilla.

I am so dull, my victims pleaded for death

Also, how far can you stretch a series about prison breaking anyway? It's a minor miracle the show lasted for four seasons!

In Season 4, we don't even see any prisons as the series took on an entirely different direction. My teacher used to call it lari daripada tajuk.

I guess it's only logical & appropriate to finally end the series. I will definitely miss it. After all, it isn't easy to find another series that manages to make engineers look so hot & desirable *sigh*

All engineers look like this


Johnny Ong said...

it caught my attention in season 1 and that was it said...

I not yet start Season 4, going to get the DVD and fever about this movie already

BobbyT said...

Even as a guy, I agree Scoffield was hot, but look attentively in season 4, he actually had a belly and double-chin, hehe. Life is good ar, pretty boy?

acura said...

johnny ong : yeah, season 1 is the best. Fox River & its inhabitants make for some interesting drama

icalvyn : i think you will be addicted to it once you bought it

bobbyt : Ok, i have to admit that is true. Seems like Scofield have put on some weight since Season 1.

Btw, is it me or do you also sense the there is something going on between Sucre & Scofield haha

Andrew said...

not all engineers look like that rite?? LOL =D

btw, putrajaya is a nice place for photoshootng though =D

BernardC said...

Hey, Renaye send a msg to u but its in my comment box lo...haha

Anyway, i dowan to spoil u but i know why it is last...

bcuz,,Michael will be dead of something...
the ex-warden is dead, ballick??
the assassin is dead, Wyatt??
and others coming soon

foongpc said...

Gosh, I didn't really follow this series - gave up after 1st season. I gave up "Lost" after the 1st season too. I rather follow TVB series which don't have many seasons and will always have an ending. LOL

To last 5 seasons for a show talking about escaping from prison is a miracle in itself! I guess it's about time.

Haha! I like that part where you said "You definitely do not want to drop your soap here.." and
"I'm so dull, my victims pleaded for death" Very funny! LOL!

Dwacon® said...

Sarah coming back from the dead was too Startrekian a move by the producers. The show ran out of steam and hopefully receives a decent ending.

acura said...

andrew : I definitely hope so. Unlike doctors or lawyers, engineers do not get much attention in dramas.

bernardc : I watched till the part where Bellick & Wyatt died. Not sure about Scofield though. If he died in the end, then it's going to be a terrible & not very rewarding ending.

foong : It's amazing how they manage to stretch it into 4 seasons now. I do catch TVB series once in a while, when I need my dose of cheese haha

dwacon : It's too late a move to revive the series. But it's good seeing her back. Btw, Star Trek-another series with cool engineers lol

BernardC said...

well, episode 10-12 have become the most exciting part of the show seems dull where ppl only talk abt chasing the cards but after Ep12, it takes a big big turn

acura said...

You seem to know alot more than I do. I just watch until Ep 11, so I guess I have to wait for the big twist. Sounds exciting...I can't wait

Anonymous said...

Now I know why I choose to be an engineer XD

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