Friday, November 28, 2008

Of Men & Umbrellas

I has been raining heavily in Kuala Lumpur this past few days. As Malaysians, we are all used to this 2 weather conditions : it's either raining cats & dogs or it's hot as hell.

Therefore, owning an umbrella seems logical. It shields you from the sun & also prevents you from getting wet. Unless, you are me that is.

I have a disdain for umbrellas...

You see, I have my own unique way of dealing with what Mother Nature threw at me.

If it's just drizzling, I will RUN. If it's raining slightly heavier, then I will just RUN FASTER. If it's really pouring, then I will wait....and when it's lighter, I will repeat either of the steps above.

I do not want to be known as the Wally with a Brolly

I do not have the habit of bringing an umbrella along with me. It has been that way since as far as I can remember.

I remember owning a raincoat during my schooling days as I insist on the NO umbrella rule. Needless to say, I do not use the raincoat either when it's raining. Only flashers & serial killers use them.

You don't see soldiers scampering away looking for umbrellas when it rains, do you? So, maybe it's a guy thing. Something to do with the Y chromosome I am sure.

There must be an umbrella somewhere inside that bag

Personally, I find umbrellas quite troublesome. It's amazing how nobody has perfected the umbrella even though it has been around since ancient China.

It's flimsy, easily broken & flips upside down during heavy winds.

Bush having trouble with the umbrella. Okay, no surprises here

Some people chose to use those big golfing umbrellas that you can hold a Chinese wedding dinner underneath. I hate those even more.

They are the express buses of the umbrella world, they forced others out of their way by bullying them with their size.

One more thing, how do you enter your car while holding an umbrella anyway? It's a no win situation because you are bound to get wet.

That's why when it rains, I became Forrest Gump. I just keep on running.....


Johnny Ong said...

i have an umbrella in office and an umbrella in my car. only when it appears to rain, i'll carry it.

from 29th flr of my office building its hard to tell how heavy is the rain so i look at the people on the street.

if a lady is carrying an umbrella and a guy is walking really fast - i dont need an umbrella too

if a lady and a man is carrying one - have to bring mine along too

Dini said...

hahaha, i used to think that umbrella is not cool either. But not anymore.
Further more, that's not the case with my husband. His head is very sensitive to rain. He can easily get a headache whenever when in contact with rain... so umbrella is his best friend :P

acura said...

johnny : Haha you actually have an unique way of determining whether to bring an umbrella or not.

So if a guy needs one, then it must be raining heavily. But how to spot a guy from a lady from 29th floor? You really have good eyes.

dini : if your husband is sensitive to rain, then you must have an umbrella along by all means. It's not cool to get sick especially when with the current rainy season

jennykoo said...

Haha... This is the funniest thing I've read for a long time. I do have a friend who always carries an umbrella as a weapon. He's used it a few times too, rather successfully. But yes, I totally agree, that he thought it wasn't cool, or I woudln't have gotten stuck with carrying it around for him while we were shopping!

TNH said...

that is is really hard to enter a car with an umbrella.As for my case..sure will get wet the moment to close the umbrella

Loke said...

i love rains. if only i could walk in the rain but then the city here has acid rain so i can't do so. pity. and many of my umbrellas have been broken because of the stupid rain.

r u coming to the starbucks next week? i'm planning to get some things. r u getting anything?


acura said...

jennykhoo : umbrella's definitely a good weapon. Comes in handy during tricky situations you know

Too bad, your friend won't carry it for you while shopping haha

TNH : It's impossible to enter the car & stay dry. Come on, inventing a car friendly umbrella won't be too difficult right?

Renaye : I like the rain & i love to walk in it once in a while, as long as it don't corrode my skin haha

BernardC said...

Sounds like i wanna play with the rain more often

Monica said...

either rain or shine, I'd still keep on running anyway..LOL!

foongpc said...

I don't know why but somehow the title of this post reminds me of the song "It's raining men" LOL!

For me, I don't use umbrella to shield from the sun. Such a hassle! But I do use it if it's pouring. I don't want to get all wet! Of course, if the wind is blowing and the rain is heavy, even an umbrella doesn't help! So if possible, I'll wait the rain out.

But if there's heavy thunder, I won't dare step out! The chances of getting hit by lightning is pretty high in Malaysia!

You are right about getting into the car - even with an umbrella, it's impossible not to get wet! And I hate it because my car interior will be all wet as well!

Haha! Very funny remarks on Bush and his umbrella! I just hate it when the umbrella does that to me!!

I actually love the rain, only don't like to be outside when it rains!

Life Ramblings said...

regardless rain or shine, i make it a point to carry an umbrella. it shields me from the blistering sun and a heavy downpour.

moonshadow said...

oongh~~~like tat wonder last time wen we go to eat pizza hut,u want ol of us to run with u under the rain la~ run in and run out.
yup,as my aspected, man less use umbrella. my bro seem like oso nvr use oso nvr use it before even chasing time with heavy rain,i still run and hide under the rain and finally all wet.i buy my 1st umbrella few month ago.very happy tat time coz no need to scare the sun& rain anymore.
for information, if drizzling rain,u run ll get more walk STEADILY.

Loke said...


bernard has not really told me his plan since i haven't bought anything other than confirming he can come.

where r u staying?


acura said...

Bernard : I miss playing in the rain

Monica : You have the Forrest Gump spirit in you. Use it wisely haha

foong : Carrying an umbrella to shield the sun is absolutely out of the question.

I do not know about the chances of being zap in Malaysia is high...But staying in the car is the safest way to avoid being zapped

I love the rain too. I makes me want to just laze around on my bed haha

Life Ramblings : It's good to be on the safe side :)

moonshadow : everybody must run & get wet together, that's semangat berpasukan haha

thanks for your tip, next time if it's drizzling I will just walk slowly like you say. Or maybe I will just borrow your umbrella.

Loke said...

i'm living in sri petaling.


Anonymous said...

There's always the raincoat :)

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

I agree, umbrellas leave a lot to be desired. They actually don't work all that well in a down pour with wind, plus it's one more thing to fuss with. I do use one in light rain though. Ponchos are best in the rain!

QuaChee said...

the thing bout umbrella is - sometimes forget to take it home esp once the rain stopped.

Lisa said...

ok i have that moment of umbrella flipping upside down me before while the onlookers IN the car laughing at me real hard.

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