Friday, November 14, 2008

Obsessed With Flags

I hasn't been very prolific lately, largely due to my final exams. I am now down to my final paper so I reckon I should sneak in a post in between studying ; )

Anybody with a Facebook account should really try the game, Geo Challenge. How can a game about identifying flags and maps can be so addictive, I really have no idea. But I am currently hooked on it.

It's fun to see how many flags or countries you can first. Then, you realised your friends just pip your high score. And that's when things started to get UGLY!

It is now officially a race with more than just pride at stake here. The highest scorer also wins exclusive bragging rights during the upcoming Christmas gathering.

I am now obsessed with getting the most number of correct answers in the quickest possible time! I Googled the maps of Europe and Africa, memorising the the locations of EVERY major city....I think my Geography teacher would be proud.

I came across a lot of flags during the game. And I can safely say that Europe has some of the most unimaginative flags. Almost all of them consist of three stripes, either horizontal or vertical. Even the colours are alike.

The Middle East is another area with similiar looking flags. It's like they are copying each other when designing their own. Somebody should sue them for plagiarism.

I also came across flags with more creative designs, like the vibrant flag of Seychelles. I could not pin point Seychelles on the atlas but I can tell you their flag is pretty just like a rainbow.

Not to be mistaken with the Gay Pride flag which coincidently look just like a rainbow too.

Of course, if you let the flag designers run riot with their imagination then this is probably what you will get. A castle and a key from the flag of Gibraltar. This flag reminds me of Super Mario, I had no idea why.

What is a castle without the mythical dragon right? The flag designers probably had the same question too. That's why they came out with such kick ass flags as Wales & Sri Lanka.

Ok Ok the second one was probably a lion. Still it was a lion holding a SWORD. How cool was that!


Sri Lanka

The Kenyans put a tribal shield with 2 spears in the middle of their flag. Maybe they are trying to send a warning...'All Intruders Will Be Speared To Death'

And then there is the flag of the Isle of Man. Which had exactly the same symbol from the Air Badak Cap Kaki Tiga. What a weird source to draw inspiration from...

The flag of Nepal deserved an honourable mention too, for being different. Instead of a rectangle, it's the shape of 2 right angled triangles merged together. I suspect it was designed by Mathematicians.

Talking about beautiful flags. Apparently the Peruvian flag has been voted as the most beautiful flag in the world. Now that's a bit unfair because no one told me how to vote!

I would definitely vote for the Jalur Gemilang, even though it look suspiciously like the flag of another nation. Yes, that one.


sabahking said...

you put a lot of effort writting this post !!

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

some funny flag.. how to draw that castle out la! lol...

Johnny Ong said...

hahaha, that ONE ..... good reference

i had an american asked me once - "how come your country's flag is almost like ours?"

foongpc said...

Did Malaysia plagiarise the US flag cos they look strikingly similar?

acura said...

sabahking : thx, i am merely turning my game playing obsession into a post haha

crazyfool : i feel for the poor kids who needs to draw the flag during Pendidikan Seni

johnny ong & foong : yeah very similiar indeed. I am sure many of us are asking the same questions too.

But before we have the Jalur Gemilang, some Malay nationalist are hoping to incorporate the red & white colour into the national flag because they are inspired by the Indonesian nationalists.

So, instead of America our flag will probably resemble that of Indonesia.

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