Sunday, October 28, 2007

MCR coming to KL!!

My Chemical Romance, the hottest rock band at the moment is coming to KL for a concert!! Yes, the Black Parade has arrived. Confirmed. As reported by The Star a few days ago.

Surely, this had got something to do with the Merdeka celebration. I mean, the organisers were geniuses. They might not know it yet, but this will become an important milestone in our nation's history, yes, even more significant than sending a space tourist to, well, space.

Ok Ok I know I am exaggerating a bit. But you certainly understand my excitement, no? Erm...what do you mean you have never heard of them?

But wait, if a concert by Gwen Stafani managed to drew so much controversies. Imagine what will happen when a band like MCR comes to town. White face make up, black mascara, songs about dying and death. I am sure our moral guardians will be less than pleased.

But a quick check on the date revealed that it will be held on the 9th December. *insert profanities*. More details here

I am still on vacation during that time *sob*

Hopefully, it would be delayed.....*fingers crossed*

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