Monday, October 15, 2007

The Big 21

A new blog. A fresh start.
Blogging on Friendster just doesn't cut it for me anymore.
That's why I am starting my new blog, albeit belatedly today. And to kick things off, my 1st post is gonna be about my 21st birthday (What do you expect??)

To those who were unenlightened yet, my birthday falls on last Wednesday ( 10th October, Yup 10-10 better jot that down in your diary now ). This year my birthday gained added significance because I am turning 21. Well, It was suppose to be a very symbolic moment, to certain people at least. To me, it meant that during my next trip to Genting, I won't be spending it in the theme park *wink*

I had an early birthday bash courtesy of my hometown friends on Sunday. And it is the usual bunch, my very close friends : Kenny, Desmond, Teoh, Ong+GF and me with Rachel. We went to a very pleasant restaurant, the San Francisco Pizza for dinner. It is not very often that the few of us get the chance to enjoy our meal together though. Everybody seems so busy nowadays ( Yes, that means you tbun zai ^-^).

We had a simple dinner, ordered 2 large pizzas. It was hardly enough for the all of us. Each of us just man
aged 2 thin slices max ^-^. Not full but still we had a good time. And did I mentioned I got a nice t-shirt from them as well? Seriously dude, those guys have got taste. Just like the birthday boy ( Sorry, Can't help myself )

On Tuesday night, I celebrated with Rachel at Station 1 in Pandan Indah after she finished work. It was very sweet of her to bake a cake for me even though she was tired from work. Before that I receive a nice bag as gift from her. Love that present as well. We enjoyed a hearty Western meal, I had lamb chop, she had steak. Both were surprisingly tasty.

After the main meal, Rachel was still
hungry for some snacks & we ordered some escargot ( Yup. French snails ). Some of you might cringe at that, but it tasted pretty good I must say. The picture below doesn't do any justice to its deliciousness ^-^

Cute little escargots

Please do not try this at home

Lip smackingly good

Later that night 4 of my UKM friends were crazy enough to come find me in Wangsa Maju. They : Dai Lou, Ah Chuan & Ah Muk made the long journey & arrived here past 12am. So, being the gracious & grateful host that I am, I brought them to Steven's Corner. Apparently, the food wasn't that good when compared to Al-fariz according to Ah Muk. That guy is really addicted to Al-fariz stuff. We also ate the cake Rachel made there. It was real tasty & chocolaty, it tasted even better when frozen. After sending Rachel back, the others come to my house for some chatting. Even though Dai Lou is there we didn't gamble though.

To wrap things up, I had a birthday dinner with my family on Wednesday night, this time at a more conventional pizza joint, Pizza Hut. This of course is an annual affair. Well, there is nothing like a simple & cozy dinner to e
nd things.

At the end of this super long post, I must thank all those who celebrated my birthday with me as well as all those well wishers. Appreciate it *sob* My family, my gang here in Wangsa Maju, my friends at my second home, UKM & of course the main organiser, Rachel.

And the vicious cycle continues next year.....

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