Sunday, October 21, 2007

An Epic Victory

Warning : The post below is written in Dota-speak. Please refrain from scrolling if you are allergic to grown men discussing about computer games & prone to eye rolling.

Dota - the best thing since sliced bread

Yesterday night, was my friend's, CK last night in KL before going back to UTM. Therefore, I decided to cook up some impromptu sending off for him. And yes, that usually means we will go and play Dota.

Thus, the 3 of us : me, CK & Kenny went to tbun for some senseless killings.

The 1st game was not worth mentioning. We lost. Again. I think I am starting to get used to that feeling. It's not our fault of course. It's a just something we named : The Curse Of Teoh!

For the 2nd game we randomed :
Magnataur ( me ), Morphling ( Kenny ), Broodmother ( CK ), Spectre & Weaver

The other team got :
Puck, Twin head dragon, Dragon night, Lone druid & Naga

Not too bad right? Me think the same too.

But that was quickly forgotten early into the game. Me & CK was in the same upper lane. Pretty soon, CK was getting rape like an AV star. And I didn't fair any better either. Kenny said that when I manage to get the blink dagger & Battle Fury, we will start owning. Emm..okay

But farming isn't easy when u always got killed. Luckily, Kenny & the weaver managed to get some respectable items. Yet, by the time I had enough money to buy those 2 stuff with my hard earned money, our base look a lot like KLIA.

The upper & middle base were gone. Even the 2 towers guarding the throne were gone. I was losing hope. Fast.

But wait, Kenny & the weaver still insisted we can win. WTF??

Naturally, our opponents started pushing the final lane. With my newly acquired item, I confidently blink into the middle of their heroes, ulti & started whacking. I was killed in no time. My pessimism reached an all time low after that.

But, Kenny & the weaver defended like hell & even managed to kill. Miraculously, our only tower remained intact even after 30 minutes of their pushing. Huh?

At that point I was just playing along. Surely, I do not want to be known as a leaver, right? Then, the turning point came when the weaver gave me another Battle Fury. 2 Battle Furies is like joining skim cepat kaya. Money won't stop flowing.

After I got my heart, we started pushing. Firstly, we destroyed their middle lane. Then their lower lane. When we went up for the final lane, we smelled victory for the 1st time. How ironic.

We won that game against all odds! And in the process, I think we made 5 men quit playing Dota.

After 82 minutes we were spent. I heaved a huge sigh of relief. Then, I started wondering. How the heck did we managed to pulled that off?

I spun around & the answer became obvious.......

Teoh was not around. ^-^

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