Thursday, January 29, 2009

Red Cliff 2

What better way to usher into the New Year than having a bloody and violent Chinese history lesson at the movies right? And we can all thank John Woo for saving the CNY movie genre with this 2nd part of Red Cliff.

After feeling slightly cheated by the trailer for the 1st movie, we are finally treated to some awesome battle scenes in the 2nd. But not before another hour of intense build up & strategizing.

Do I have to remind you to wear your helmet every single day?

Well, things are never that easy with the Chinese. Even war acquire a deeper, more philosophical meaning.

Listen as Zhou Yu (Tony Leung) & Zhuge Liang (Takeshi) spout out fortune cookie quotes, Sun Tzu's teachings and Confucius sayings at every opportunity.

Also, this being a John Woo film, expect to see some trademark stuff from the director like...

His fetish for white doves

The bird look tasty roasted or deep fried

The theme of brotherhood. it me or is the relationship between Zhou Yu & Zhuge Liang really pushing the boundaries of 'brotherhood'?

Sometimes brotherhood takes a
bad seat when you need a smoke

And Chow Yun Fat leaping out sideways with two guns blazing. Nah, that was just wishful thinking on my part.

Sliding down the rails & toothpick is optional

Apparently, the Chinese also invented many of the methods employed in modern warfare.

Biological warfare, grenades, sophisticated crossbows and kamikaze attacks were all used in the battle thousand of years ago.

Heck, we even saw the soldiers play an ancient form of football (called Cuju) with skills that would make a Brazilian proud.

Ahh...another testament to the greatness of Chinese civilization. This will definitely make your skin glow a brighter shade of yellow. Just perfect for the New Year.


foongpc said...

Haha! Chow Yuen Fatt suddenly appeared out of nowhere in Red Cliff 2? Is there more action in Part 2? Must definitely watch this!

Wuching said...

I've been waiting long long time for this leh but I think I'll have to wait summore before I can get to watch this here!

Loke said...

waiting for astro to show part 1 first.


Tekkaus said...

Looked not bad huh!Gonna catch it. Wonder if this one is better than Ip Man? Anyway Happy Chinese New Year lar. =)

Lisalicious said...

luckily I only watch the RedCliff 1 last month so the suspense was not that great...since part 2 is here :D

but i was 'wtf' nonetheless at the ending "-_-

BernardC said...

In conclusion, nice or not?

Johnny Ong said...

it was shown in two parts in malayisa. in hongkong, it was shown at one go

ahkiong said...

i would say this is one of the best movie of all time but the ending is not reli nice lor. Actually cao cao is escaping when guan gong caught him and let him go bcos of "yi qi" hehehe... i hope there will be 3rd part coming out.

Kuan Yew said...

Hey there!
haha... after the scratch-your-head Red-Cliff 1 I'm not exactly hopping in anticipation for the second movie.

It may stay true to history more than Andy Lau's version of Zhao Zi long but then execution wise I think Red cliff 1 is missing something somewhere...

Anyway I watched Ong Bak 2! and if you liked the first two movies (which for me was only so-so) I thoroughly Enjoyed the 3rd!

Here's my two cents! :-)
Ong Bak 2

jennykoo said...

I haven't been here for a while, but I'm glad I did. :)

You become funnier each time.

Kuan Yew said...

Hey hey You have a mascot!!!


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