Saturday, January 10, 2009

Der Die Das

My German classes are starting next week. I will be taking Level 4 but unfortunately, I can still hardly string a proper sentence in German. Listening to native speakers is a challenge but...I am going to persevere.

I know, it might not be as cool as learning Japanese or Korean.
Yet, I am glad I am learning German as an extra language because :

1) when I see an object, I will quickly classified it as masculine, feminine or neutral. In German language, everything falls into those 3 categories.

So, a table is masculine, pig is neutral, a cup is feminine etc etc...

2) it makes me want to try & watch a German movie. I did watch 'Der Untergang' eventually.

It's a great movie about Hitler's downfall...but I gave up trying to make out what they are actually saying in German halfway through the movie. Reading the subtitles are so much easier.

3) when I order a burger at McDonald's, I knew that 'ich liebe es' written on the box means 'I'm lovin' it'

4) I found out that Deutschland is actually Germany, not Holland.

5) I discovered that some English words
, such as kindergarten are borrowed from German.

6) I can spell using fancy alphabets like ü, ä, ö and ß

7) I will not starve to death if stranded in Germany, but what I eat will be limited by my vocabulary, meaning - bread, sausages, potatoes & onion soup.

8) I can pronounce
Michael Ballack & Bastian Schweinsteiger's name correctly.

9) whenever I watch Project Runway (can't believe I actually admit it), I like hearing Heidi Klum bid farewell to the contestant using the German phrase 'auf Wiedersehen'

10) I can now curse in four different languages.


BernardC said...

uno dos tres quatro....
err...ok fine its not German

foongpc said...

Ich liebe dich! You know what this mean right? Haha! Just kidding! : )

I thought it's French word that classify into masculine, feminine and neutral? Anyway, can you tell me more things which are masculine, feminine or neutral?

I watch Project Runway too - it's actually quite entertaining!

Loke said...

wah lau! it's always a challenge to learn a new language! glad to know u r back!


panda said...

yea...i would have learnt german back in my "younger" days had i known i'd be working for german companies. i have worked for 2 german companies so far... :)

and i still have yet to pick up the language from the bosses...but i do know 1 bad word...1 reallly baaaadddddd word :p

kennhyn said...

still got missing thing if u need some German culture, that is the German Bier... world reknown...cheers!

Simon Ho said...

Scheiße and bumsen are the only two words i know in german. hahaha.

So now you can go visit Germany during the oktoberfest and start ordering in german. =P

BernardC said...

Thanks for commenting about the Gaza issues...Sorry I din have time to reply but I respect all your comments and critiques that have been poured. I will reply all your comments soon. Thank you once again. The author is enduring hectic week this week.

khengsiong said...

How do you say "I'm a Berliner"?

(US President JKF said this when he visited the city during Cold War.)

Kuan Yew said...

Ah they say the best way to learn a leanguage will be to start from the profanities!

I can't deny that's true! hehe

Johnny Ong said...

i think i can speak german better than me owing to me knowing how to pronounce those german football players and clubs hahaha

Gute Nacht!

Tekkaus said...

I learnt Japanese Language too back in my uni! I took until level 4 too...but obviously...I don't have what it takes to be a pro in it! =)

Lisalicious said...

cursing 4 different languages? you should put up a post to educate your readers along :D

Mervin said...

Kannst du in Deutsch sprechen? Was sagst du? toll? haesslich, oder doof?

QuaChee said...

germany is one of the world's top countries... so ur on right track :)

steffenfs said...

hey there;

good job with your german classes. Next time we see each other we will only be talking in german ;-)

Hope all is well and if you need any help or want to practice, please let me know.

all the best from munich!

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