Saturday, August 9, 2008

Beijing 08.08.08

This past few weeks has been quite hectic, coupled with no internet access in my residential college makes me unable to blog. But today is an exception, I am back home to watch the Olympics opening ceremony on the supposedly auspicious date of 08.08.08

The Beijing Olympics is already so over hyped even before it started & the opening ceremony shrouded in secrecy. I was excited but without astro, I had to rely on RTM 1 for the telecast. The self proclaimed 'Your Olympic Channel'

Being the official rights holder to broadcast the Games, any channel will grab the opportunity to provide intensive coverage. Well, any channel except RTM 1 that is. Because when I tune in at 8pm (the time the opening ceremony was suppose to begin) they were still busy spreading government propaganda, oops...I mean reporting the news.

The biggest show on earth is starting, anybody who wants to watch the news can tune in to other channel. Why do this? I had to wait for the end of the news before I manage to watch the telecast. That means a good 30 minutes gone.

Well, the actual ceremony is a bit disappointing for me really. It was supposed to be a showcase of 5000 years of Chinese culture, very grand yet lacking the 'wow' factor. I dunno, maybe it's due to my overtly high expectations or the fact that the Chinese culture is all too familiar to me. Or because I miss the first 30 minutes of it. Dammit!

When the competing countries started marching in, it was exciting at first. It's good to see Malaysia as the 10th nation coming out. After that, it's a fight to stay awake. But I made it all thanks to the RTM commentators for providing comic relief.

Like when New Zealand came out, one of them mistaken it for Swaziland. I also appreciate them providing me with useful facts, like Senegal is from Africa.

The marching in thing dragged on for almost 2 hours. 204 countries are participating & I can safely say I only knew about half of it. Erm...maybe less.

It's a relief when it ended & we can finally proceed to the most anticipated moment, the lighting of the Olympic flame. The guy running while hoisted in mid air is quite awesome. Once lit, fireworks exploded over Beijing.

But RTM decided to end the telecast before the fireworks show is over! Thanks guys are really my Olympic channel.


foongpc said...

I agree RTM provided a lousy broadcast of the Olympics - started late and ended prematurely. Who wants to watch the commentator talk nonsense in the studio when we can see live fireworks at the end of the Opening ceremony?

~Wong~ said...

actually im not really over olympics.. but i manage to watch a part of it.. ntg spectacular, cos they oni utilize their mass crowd effect to impress others..overall, the formation and performances are on either squares and circles,rather symmetrical and lack the artistic factor.

The whole show is boring..besides isn't olympic theme music supposed to be fiery and motivating? The You and Me was rather.. dying and sounds more of a nolstagic.. just my 4 cents thought anyway..keke

Falcon said...

RTM..wat would we do without you...LOL

Robin said...


Johnny Ong said...

missing the first 30 mins was a waste. yr life has missed something ...... hehe

cindy said...

I think the best part was the first 30 minutes! lol.
The drums in the beginning made a really good impression.

acura said...

foongpc : You sum it up nicely, started late & ended prematurely. Frustrating!

wong : They always utilizes their strength in numbers. Didn't surprise me. But the wushu performance was pretty well coordinated

Reminds me of the North Korea's Arirang celebration.

falcon & robin : i sigh too

johnny ong & cindy : you guys made me feel so empty because of the lost 30 minutes muahaha

Loke said...

pity that i missed the opening...

foongpc said...

I will be watching the first 30mins again since both Johnny Ong and Cindy said it's the best part (I wonder if they are pulling your leg!)
Anyway, I humbly offer you an award for your excellent blog which I enjoy reading.
Pls collect your award at my blog

Johnny Ong said...

hey, yr comment in my blog posting of Confusing Olympics Medal Standing has been lambasted properly .... hehe. go redeem yrself

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