Monday, August 25, 2008

Argentina Olympic Champions...Again!

The Olympics have ended & it has been great. And the best thing (after Lee Chong Wei's silver medal) is that Argentina have successfully defended their gold medal!

Argentina won 1-0 against Nigeria in a match with all the hallmarks of a final - slow, tense & low scoring. Both sides were cautious & it took one magical pass from Messi (who else?) to release Di Maria for the winning goal.

Of course, I can't do a post of their triumph without mentioning their 3-0 demolition of Brazil in the semis hehe The Argentinians were defeated by Brazil by the same scoreline for 3 times in a row, so this is sweet revenge! Okay, this may be the Olympics, whereby most of the players are below 23 but this is no mickey mouse tournament.

The Brazilians wanted the gold medal badly. Just look at the disappointment on Ronaldinho's face after their loss. But fortunately, stylish possession football wins this time! This time, Brazil failed to bullied their way to victory using brute strength & systematic fouling.

I am surprised Dunga still get to keep his job. How can a Brazilian team played so defensively, so without flair? Joga Bonito is long gone, it's in the Argentinian side now.

And back to the gold medal, it's the second after Athens. On top of that, Argentina also won the World Youth Championship in 2005 & 2007. It's amazing the amount of talent they are churning out!

Messi has been such a vital player in Barcelona & the national senior side, we often forget he is only 21!
Not to mentioned the likes of Aguero, Gago, Mascherano, Di Maria etc etc. Guys like Banega & Lavezzi can't even get a place in the starting line up at the Olympics. The future definitely looks bright.

Now, the only thing left to be done is the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Vamos Vamos Argentina!


Falcon said...

Messi the Messiah...

BernardC said...

Wow, the greatest under-23 soccer team in the world. I just hope they don't flop in WC2010!!

Btw, speaking of Miss Angel. My heart will melt everyday I see her. I wonder where can I get a Wii. I love to play Nintendo Wii Tennis with her, lol!!

Anonymous said...

would have loved it if the nigerians played like they played against the belgians... but the argentinians are of another class.

Johnny Ong said...

this team will be a strong force in years to come

foongpc said...

Congrats to the Argentina team! They are really good!
Btw, where you get the photo of the Beijing fuwa doll in the football kicking pose? I searched on the internet and could not find the one that's as cute as yours. I love them fuwa dolls!

acura said...

falcon : Best player in the world

bernardc : hopefully they don't flop when it matters. But one thing is for sure, they will play beautiful football.

the moody one : they are classy alright ;)

johnny ong : yeah, messi is yet to reach his peak.

foongpc : i just do a Google Image search & chance upon it hehe they are real cute but the soft toys are so expensive!!

Here is the link for the pic :

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