Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Disneyland HK

Remember the time when we were kids & used to bug our parents to bring us to Disneyland? Regardless of your level of irritation, your folks must have been pissed. Because that either means bringing us to America or Japan.

Luckily, now there is one in Hong Kong ; )

As with all other Disney theme parks, their attention to detail is legendary. Everywhere you look, you see Mickey's head.

This is the train that we took to the theme park. Notice their windows?

Walk further & you will see this fountain. If you do not want to enter, just snap a pic here and take the train back.

To proceed further, you need a ticket. Of course not comparing it to Sunway Lagoon's pricing will probably save you from getting a mild stroke.

In front of the Disneyland train station

Once inside, there is this long queue of people waiting just to have a pic with Mickey & Minnie ( including us of course ). Donald Duck and Goofy were there also, but their lines were almost empty. So kesian.

Adrenaline junkies expecting to get their fix here might be disappointed to kno
w that most of the rides here are family friendly & mild.

Like this one

To infinity & beyondI dunno bout you but I expect the castle I always see in pic of Disneyland to be big, like um, a castle. But in reality its real tiny.

Disneyland is all about business as well, so it's filled with stores selling all kinds of merchandise. You feel guilty for not buying them.

Who could resist these cute Stitches?

Since It's Christmas season now, Disneyland is lighted up beautifully at night with snow falling down.
Makes you feel like you are celebrating Christmas in Europe until you notice the fan blowing out soap bubbles on the roof. Kinda took away the magic a little ;)

Heck, they even put on extra lights on the castle making it glow in the darkness.

After the fireworks, it's time to head back to our hotel, to reality. But the whole journey is, in the words of Disney, magical.

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