Saturday, December 15, 2007

4 Days In Hong Kong

After my previous post on Disneyland, you probably knew that I went to HK. But HK is actually 1 of the stop. The whole 10 days of my vacation was spent in Shenzhen-HK-Macau-Guangzhou-Shenzhen ( yup, in that manner ).

Having watched Hong Kong made movies and series since I was y
oung, visiting HK was a bit surreal. Instead of arriving in a strange foreign land, everything here looked & felt curiously familiar.

From the moment we step out of the MTR station at Yau Ma Tei ( our hotel was located there ), we were assaulted with colourful signboards like these. A familiar sight indeed.

Not far from where we were staying is this the Yau Ma Tei police station. I dunno about you but I think I have seen it in more than a few cop movies.

Heck, we actually lived within walking distance from the infamous Temple Street.

Another favorite movie location is surely the HK waterfront overlooking all those tall buildings. This is also the place where you can find hand prints of famous superstars both past and present.

And this statue....

The other side of HK ( the island ), more specifically Central, is more bustling, where all those high end shops are located. Including this gigantic LV store.

If you want to find some gweilos ( for whatever reasons *shrugs* ), just head over to Lan Kwai Fong. You will find so many gweilos drinking, it looked like a Heineken commercial.

We also visited the Big Buddha in Lantau Island. Those who watched Infernal Affairs should be familiar with this place.

But what they didn't show you in the movie is the steps leading up to the Buddha. Damn high you know.

To complete the experience, we had our breakfast in a char chan teng, just like the locals. But instead of the overpriced,Bosco Wong as mascot restaurants that we get back home, the char chan teng outlet here were more humble and unpretentious. And served tasty egg tarts to boot *stomach grumbling*

But the best thing about Hong Kong is very banana friendly. All the signs have an English equivalent translation.

Definitely make life easier for those Chinese character-ly challenged people like me ;)

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