Sunday, September 19, 2010

Casino Wars: RW Sentosa vs Marina Bay Sands 2


This is a continuation of Part 1, this time it's about my visit to the other casino, the Marina Bay Sands.

We took the MRT to the Marina Bay station before continuing our journey by foot for about 15 minutes, with the distinctive looking towers in the distance acting as our guide. I can't help but marvel at the architecture of the building as I neared it.


The integrated resort itself was still very much a work in progress, construction was ongoing all around the place at a hectic pace. After a very enjoyable stroll aided by nice weather & gentle breeze, we arrived at the entrance of 'The Shoppes at Marina Bay'.

In front of it was a gigantic glass bowl with a hole in the middle, which I presumed is used to collect rain water. A not so subtle feng shui element incorporated into the design that I am sure needs no explanation.


Inside the partially completed shopping mall was a man made canal, where you can experience riding a sampan rowed by a real human. This certainly reminds me of the gondola ride in Venetian, Macau.

I read in a website that some of the sampan rowers are actually degree holders. Hmm...not easy to survive in Singapore even with a university's sand paper.


Other than that, the mall was filled with luxury brands that can only be afforded if you are really lucky at the gambling tables. Now talking about gambling, the casino is housed within the same building and has a much more discreet entrance when compared to Resorts World Sentosa.


Split into multiple levels, the interior of the casino was stunning with a very high end feel to it. They had workers pushing trolleys from table to table making coffee/tea for the gamblers. If you prefer something plain instead, they will happily hand you a bottle of Marina Bay mineral water.

Alas, we left without placing any bets again but not before grabbing 2 bottles of mineral water for good measure (kiasu-ness at work!).

Outside, we were finally able to witness the three towers up close. It's very hard trying to fit everything into a single frame, that's why we ended up taking many senget shots like the one below.


Another attraction at the Marina Bay Sands was the Helix Bridge, made to resemble the structure of a human DNA. We went back to the bridge again at night but unfortunately all the photos we took were blurry.


Well, this concludes my two part post about my experience at the 2 newly opened casinos in Singapore. Yes, I know it's a bit anti-climatic as I did not actually gamble but I just can't bring myself to do it after seeing this while eating at Maxwell Food Centre.



Rachel Melody said...

I like this place too perhaps need to revisit next year xp I love to read your post :)
glad that you back to blog.

QuiRkY-Malaysia said...

I like the long walkway at the hotel reception area, modern yet classy. Am going to make it a point to return and "donate a little" next year.

acura said...

Rachel: Thank you ;)

Quirky Malaysia: Then good luck to you then. I guess it's never to early to wish you right?

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