Sunday, April 19, 2009

Suddenly In Miri

It's been months since my last blog post. In fact, I am suppose to blog about my trip to Melaka but everything came to an abrupt end during the intense period of studying for my finals.

Didn't even log into my Blogger account for ages. Obviously, there will be a massive gap in the timeline of this blog.

I was enjoying life in KL, went to Melaka during my last post...then suddenly *poof* I am in Miri, Sarawak now.

The obvious question will then be, what am I doing here in The Land of Hornbills, Kolok Mee & Kenny Sia?

*answering my own question*

Well, I am here to do my internship, attached to a large/huge/gigantic multinational company for 20 long (hopefully not miserable) weeks.

I am not going to name the company though, in case I need to badmouth them here in my blog in the future. Due to my tendency to procrastinate, I am actually already into my 2nd week of internship.

I depart from LCCT on 12th April. Since I will be relocating myself there, there is quite alot of things to bring along. My 2 luggage bags looked like it's going to burst open anytime.

And when I check in both my luggage bags, imagine my horror when I found out that it was overweight by a whopping 7kg & for that I was charged an extra RM105! That's almost the price of my flight ticket itself!!

My friend's luggage bag was even larger, he can even fit a washing machine in there if he wants to. And for that he was fined close to RM200. That makes me feel a whole lot better ha ha

It's like going for the movies & buying another seat just to put your popcorn.
Thanks alot Mr Tony Fernandes.

Two hours later, we arrived in Miri. The airport is so much better than LCCT. It makes LCCT looked like Tesco with check in counters & lots of chairs.

For all you ignorant city dwelling people who thinks Miri is just a small shanty town. It's actually a Bandaraya which puts it on the same level as *gasp* KL.

We checked into Imperial Hotel in the heart of Miri. We get an amazing room with kitchen, washing machine, Astro, a double bed & daily buffet breakfast to boot...all paid for by the company.

We lived like kings, at least for 5 days.

It has been an enjoyable 1st week in this part of Malaysia. Will try to blog more about life from the eyes of a KLite in Miri, but don't get your hopes too high though ;)


~YM~ said...

whoa..suddenly there enjoying life and the oil..:P

Since it's gigantic multinational in Miri, most likely oil company lor... and there's only a few in Miri..

Anyway, enjot ur intern, hope to see more updates..:P

ericG said...

Wow.. How i envy you.. Unlike you, my industrial training was in an estate in Kluang. No comfort... Well, all the best to you. ;)

Borneo Falcon said...

I bet you doing internship with an oil and gas company. You actually staying at the apartment in Imperial Hotel. I stayed there also last year

acura said...

YM : Please ignore the gigantic multinational company part la...just trying to blow my own horn haha's an oil company. I think it's not that difficult to guess huh?

ericG : Very comfortable but too bad all those perks only last for 5 days. I am renting a room near the company now. Miss the buffet breakfast greatly

Borneo Falcon : Yeah, it's an apartment. Did you do your internship there as well?

foongpc said...

hi, acura! It's about time! Thought what happened to you! Wow, living the good life now? Working with oil company, bright future and earn lots of $$$!

Hope to read more blog posts from now on : )

Borneo Falcon said...

I was there last year in November to attend a course

Loke said...

wah lau. u r workin or enjoying life in miri? looks like the latter!! any extra space in ur room?


Johnny Ong said...

so we are in the same line

Kuan Yew said...

dude! You're 3rd year already? How come got internship one?

Neway that's super nice! Have fun there...

Well the extra RM107 was paid to put popcorn on the seat and to put you in that penthouse suite.

Neway, nice analogy! :-)

Mrcoolku said...

So what you are majoring in? Petrochemical or engineering?

acura said...

Mrcoolku : Oh, I am majoring in mechanical engineering

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