Friday, December 12, 2008

Trapped Inside a Disco

Bush wants you to shut up

The Americans apparently had been employing a new method of torturing detainees being held in Guantanamo & using music.

Extremely loud music played directly into the ears of detainees, designed to induce sleep deprivation, prolong capture shock & disorient detainees during interrogations.

I think this is one of the cruelest form of torture, right there alongside water boarding.

We all knew how music can totally mess up people's minds. After all, we too had our own Guantanamo moments before.

Those orange jumpsuits are as bad as the music

Like the neighbour who insist on sharing his love for heavy metal music with you. Or radio stations that keep on playing the same songs repeatedly throughout the day.

Just how many times can you listen to Soulja Boy in a day before you start contemplating suicide?

The prisoners were subjected to higher degrees of brutality of course. One detainee describes being left in a pitch black booth for up to twelve hours with the heavy metal music blaring.

Imagined the royalties they would have earned

Unsurprisingly, heavy metal and rap are most often featured on the torture playlist. Some of the most common being Metallica's Enter Sandman, Drowning Pool's Bodies, AC/DC's Shoot To Thrill & Eminem's White America.

I think the prisoners will go equally crazy if being forced to listen to Mandopop love songs by Fahrenheit, Twins or F4.

The guards do have a sick sense of humour, like choosing the song Staying Alive for torture when the victim is certainly wishing for otherwise. Blasting prisoners with Britney Spears's music, so that they too suffered like the rest of the world.

Some of the choices are bizarre like the Sesame Street theme song & Barney's I Love You, You Love Me song. I agree with the Barney song though, it traumatises my childhood before.

Let me entertain you with a song, my only song

The irony here is that, America being a country that always positioned itself as the defender of human rights are violating them so blatantly. Nobody should be subjected to such sadistic form of torture....

Nobody, not even that irritating neighbour of mine.


Loke said...

i hate barney. i don't know why my uncle loves listening to barney talks.

bush and his neo-conservatives [the masterminds] r sure going to get karma for what they done...


3POINT8 said...

defender of human rights??
perhaps they still are. I mean, is there anything in the constitution that prohibits the use of music?

perhaps there is but i certainly haven't heard of any.

Johnny Ong said...

haha ... playing foreign language songs wld be bad enuf d but torturing on long term like that is really beyond human rights which is what usa is always fighting for. hypocrites???

aSyRaff said...

ish ish loud is loud?

acura said...

Renaye : You hate him but Barney always loves you...Lets hope Obama corrects the mistakes made by Bush. Bush is absolutely clueless

3POINT8 : I think they are exploiting a loophole in the constitution by using music as a form of torture.

But they have violated human rights before. The Abu Ghraib being 1 such incident

Johnny Ong : Many of those detained are not exposed to such genres of music before. Must have been a massive cultural shock to them.

asyraff : It's so loud, the detainees can't hear their own scream.

foongpc said...

Listening to loud music all day long can increase our stress level. But soft quiet music is fine even though we listen to it whole day.

Listen to the same music again and again - oh that can really drive me crazy! It's really a form of torture!

Loke said...

haha... i will try burning Barney then!

forgot to reply ur comment bout the chinese cultural revolution book. i don't feel like reading the swan sisters because i have read too much of similar books. in fact, i have read most bio pertaining to this era and when i wanted to pick up swan sisters... i just got no more appetite to read. this is the only bio book that i failed to read for that era.

now i'm moving on .... do u buy books?


eMz said...

cor, barney. i hate that darn purple dinosaur.hehehe

Life Ramblings said...

it's an unpleasant episode in american history.

Andrew said...

hgaha.. thanks for ur ever flatterin compliments.. LOL =D

jennykoo said...

Are you serious? Playing music? I'm sure there are some who secretly enjoy Eminem.

Andrew said...

hahaha.. i nver did colouring contest though... only in art class i colour.. LOL =D

foongpc said...

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to you, acura! : )

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