Friday, September 12, 2008

Stop The Arrest!

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This is really too much!

1st, they detained Raja Petra under ISA for supposedly insulting Islam. Raja Petra saw it coming & even mentioned it in one of his post. True enough, after they lifted the ban on Malaysia Today, they promptly arrest him the very next day!

And later on, they arrested the lady reporter who reported about Ahmad Ismail's RACIST remark in Permatang Pauh. The Sin Chew journalist Tan Hoon Cheng was also arrested ISA. She was arrested for merely reporting the truth!

The racist son of a bitch only got a 3 year suspension for his remarks. The reporter got arrested under ISA. I am no supporter of ISA but this is a clear case of DOUBLE STANDARDS!

And as I type, Teresa Kok has also been detained under ISA.

I am seething with anger now!

Nobody deserves to be held without trial. Nobody deserves to be detained without a chance to defend themselves! It is inhumane to do so.

To those who authorise the arrests, all I can say is....Fuck You!


TsuChong said...

I know how you feel man. I'm really disturbed too now. Apparently, there's more to come.

Feel so helpless now...

Antares said...

FYI I burst out laughing when I saw your blogpost heading on PPS. Such a healthy, spontaneous outburst of pure indignation is indicative of a real human soul. With more young people like you in Malaysia, the demonically possessed Ketulanan Me-lying zombies who hijacked this great country 39 years ago will soon be overwhelmed by their own evil karma. Najib Razak ought to be on a plane with his fat wife heading for Tierra del Fuego - instead of trying to wear his dead father's bloodstained shoes.

Johnny Ong said...

good that u brought it up. i have done it too

Spectre said...

straight to the point title but becalm coz e "MOST WANTED" list is growing for ISA to fill empty jail cell.

foongpc said...

Why the double standards? What did Teresa Kok do that she had to be detained under ISA when Ahmad Ismail's racists remarks didn't get him arrested as well?

Why arrest the journalist who reported the truth? Is the authorities telling us not to report the truth but cover things up? Who would dare report the truth from now on?

If the reporter did not report the truth, does this mean that UMNO did the wrong thing by punishing Ahmad with a 3 year suspension?

What rubbish! Where is the logic in all these?

foongpc said...

I hope they release Teresa and RPK soon. I think they are suffering in there as they are being interrogated everyday at unearthly hours : (

Chicken Feet aka KaKiaYam said...

hey, there's nothing in this post which I disagree about.

gua caya sama lu...


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